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Award-winning innovation: CORNERSTONE MAXX wins German Design Award 2018

Award-winning innovation: CORNERSTONE MAXX wins German Design Award 2018

A system solution as ambassador for "Made in Germany" quality: CORNERSTONE MAXX, Vauth-Sagel's unique corner unit system, has won an internationally renowned design prize, the "German Design Award 2018", in recognition of the fact that it is an outstanding example of German design quality. The German Design Award 2018 is awarded by ...

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The benefits of bathroom floor heating


There are many advantages of floor heating in a bathroom, and it can easily elevate a space to one of the best rooms in the house. For as little as $400 you could include floor heating in the bathroom design and provide the following benefits: Warm floors and air environment on ...

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Troublesome corners reimagined with Vauth-Sagel


Most designers would be familiar with that troublesome corner section of the kitchen cabinetry; it’s one of those annoying sections that are difficult to utilise. Well, things are about to change in households across the country, because Vauth-Sagel has taken this annoyance and turned it into a storage solution. ...

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Fabulous faucets by Abey Australia


Since its inception, Gessi has focused on the reinterpretation of traditional bathroom faucets. The company has been a frontrunner in the reimagining of the residential and hospitality bathroomware landscape. Gessi strives to turn the bathroom into a “room of style and wellbeing”, a place of enjoyment and indulgence for its ...

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Terrific tiles by Schots

Rustique body tile

Inside and out of the home, Schots’ collection of tiles suits a range of spaces and styles. From encaustic and subway to rustic designs, these beautifully crafted wall tiles are durable and unique. Perfect as a feature piece or to seamlessly integrate into a space, these tiles are bound to ...

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Australian Dream kitchen: the ideal cooker


For many Australians, the dream kitchen fuses classic styling with modern technology. Thankfully, one product synonymous with timeless sophistication and contemporary functionality is the AGA Total Control.   Handcrafted and made in Britain, the AGA Total Control five-oven cooker with an integrated module electric cooker offers complete flexibility to suit ...

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Get the best results from your Tastic exhaust

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We’ve put together a checklist to ensure the Tastic exhaust product you install will perform at its optimal level. As every home is different, the installation of the product varies, depending on the installer, room size and roof cavity configuration.   1. To prevent moisture build-up, bathrooms need a fan ...

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Solu – sleek and simple hardware


Combining contemporary design with engineering excellence, Solu’s range of sleek, intelligent hardware make a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen space. Solu is renowned for its streamlined aesthetic, with the company’s trademark handleless feature making its products a great choice for those chasing a clean, minimalist look. Featuring ...

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City-friendly and functional – the AGA 60

AGA 60 Roomsets

The new AGA 60 means that everyone – wherever they live and whatever kitchen space they have available – will be able to find an AGA that fits perfectly. The AGA 60 is everything you would expect from a full-sized standard AGA oven, but wrapped up in a smaller, more city-friendly package. At just 60...

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ClearStone Bath: light and seamless


It isn’t easy to blend the perfect combination of beauty and strength into one sophisticated bath, but the Gareth Ashton ClearStone Bath has achieved this. The latest designs of Gareth Ashton, available via Abey Australia, these baths are one completely solid piece. Composed with Dolomitic marble, the bath is ...

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