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HI-MACS is an advanced non-porous, highly versatile decorative surfacing material suitable for high wear areas such as kitchens, laboratories and hotels. It is available in a wide range of colours and patterns.      The flexibility of HI-MACS allows it to be used on any number of vertical and horizontal applications. ...

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The AGA Total Control is an AGA heat-storage cooker with greater flexibility for 21st century living – a British icon redefined. It used to be a given that an AGA cooker was on all the time. Not so now, with the introduction of the AGA Total Control. They look exactly the ...

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Design house style


Developing an Italian-made bathroom tapware range that encapsulates the meaning of “style” is how the Gareth Ashton Stile Range was born. In a first for Abey’s Gareth Ashton range, Stile tapware will be available in five finishes, ensuring a finish to suit every bathroom design and colour scheme. Best ...

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With the fine art of cooking and entertaining on the rise, many clients are now demanding more when it comes to their kitchen appliances. Kleenmaid’s OMF9022 Black Krystle Oven sets a new standard in size and functionality. The 90cm x 60cm format provides for a gross internal capacity of 133 ...

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G Matt Nafiz Hafele with Evolve Interiors CMDA Cabinet Maker of the Year 2017

CMDA 20th ANNUAL AWARDS 2017   After an exciting build-up and months of planning, the 20th presentation of the CMDA Awards Night was, from all accounts, a resounding success and a wonderful celebration for the Cabinet Making Industry.        With a new CMDA Board determined to deliver a successful Gala event which showcased ...

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8 OMF9022, RHUM90 2, ICT9021

Since 1984 Kleenmaid appliances have been loved by more than 530,000 Australian families. Their well-appointed European designed appliances are renowned throughout the industry for premium quality as well as providing the kind of satisfaction that can only be guaranteed with over 30 years’ experience. Although there are many factors that make up the ...

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Going Green


Australia is heavily dependent on landfill as a means of waste management. In fact, the majority of non-recycled waste will end up in landfill sites. Estimates suggest each household produces close to 1.5 tonnes of waste each year. And nearly half (47 per cent in 2009–2010) of all household waste is organic — namely ...

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New Generation Titus T-type Glissando Hinge

image_T-type linear plate

The T-type hinge offers a user-friendly ‘3Way’ Snap-on insertion, low hinge cup depths, highly tolerant adjustment and the option for a linear arm and baseplate – all with the world-leading Titus damper built-in. Speed up your assembly process, increase your customer satisfaction and improve your competitiveness by using T-type Glissando hinge ...

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EMST45SX Inside with water jug HiRes-Magazine

Inspired by the industrial capital of Northern Italy, Milan, Euro Appliances has designed and produced a range of aesthetically pleasing and highly functional kitchen appliances, to help you infuse some European style into your home: 1. 584L side-by-side refrigerator: This sleek side-by-side refrigerator includes a frost-free design feature, which ensures you’...

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NATURAL 5 Bar 500mm_Rose Gold

Make cold, wet towels a thing of the past just in time for winter with these beautiful Bathroom Butler heated towel rails. They can be used to dry towels as well as warm them, while using the same amount of electricity as a light bulb. Bathroom Butler heated towel rails ...

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