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ClearStone Bath: light and seamless

February 23, 2018 11:53 amComments are Disabled

It isn’t easy to blend the perfect combination of beauty and strength into one sophisticated bath, but the Gareth Ashton ClearStone Bath has achieved this.

Balthazar HR Hero

The latest designs of Gareth Ashton, available via Abey Australia, these baths are one completely solid piece. Composed with Dolomitic marble, the bath is tough and hardwearing, undoubtedly an essential component of this elegant bathroom amenity. The marble enables superior thermal performance, retaining warmth for hours of relaxation. A ClearStone Bath is specifically designed with comfort in mind, the thin ledges maximising bathing space without compromising on quality. The sleek glossiness of the surface is derived from the moulded polyester polymer coating, ensuring a luxurious finish on each bath that is scratch resistant. The bath is surprisingly light –  most weigh less than 100kg, and have a high strength to weight ratio — and will arrive in an individual crate alongside a heavy duty carry bag to ensure efficiency when it comes to installation.

22834F Batello HERO

Part of the Gareth Ashton ClearStone Baths and Basins collection, these stunning marble baths can be accompanied by their matching basin counterpart. Similarly lightweight and durable, these sinks are a gorgeous bathroom fixture that holds the same lustrous shine. Alongside a ten year warranty guaranteeing years of bathing comfort, these baths are available in eleven different models ranging from classical to modern, with five matching basins. If you’re looking for a long-lasting and highly aesthetic bath, look no further than Gareth Ashton’s ClearStone Bath and Basin collection.

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