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Fabulous faucets by Abey Australia

April 9, 2018 4:41 pmComments are Disabled

Since its inception, Gessi has focused on the reinterpretation of traditional bathroom faucets. The company has been a frontrunner in the reimagining of the residential and hospitality bathroomware landscape.


Gessi strives to turn the bathroom into a “room of style and wellbeing”, a place of enjoyment and indulgence for its owners and guests — a space to reinvent, furnish and personalise. In this spirit, the beauty of the sleek, minimalist square lines of Gessi’s Rettangolo have made this design a true icon.

Gessi - Rettangolo K - Casa 5 - vista 2

In life, disruptions can serve as a catalyst for regeneration, eventually resulting in new and different forms of beauty and perfection. The sensational Rettangolo K is a testament to this, demonstrating how change can be revolutionary even for an iconic shape. While the object retains the accomplished harmony of the original figure, it is fresh, different and absolutely beautiful.

Gessi Rettangolo K - Casa 5

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