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November 29, 2017 5:33 pmComments are Disabled

Solid-brass hardware does not always have to be classic and traditional in style. Lo & Co Interiors takes pride in its gorgeous solid hardware in contemporary modern styles, available in three finishes: natural satin brass, copper and matt black. Its modernity and quality mean it can be infused seamlessly into contemporary kitchen projects and contemporary materials and surfaces as pictured, making a statement while remaining elegant and sophisticated.

christophermorrison_lo&cointeriors_2508_105  IMG_4136

Among Lo & Co’s hardware are the T-plate and Kintore ranges, which are completely unique to anything on the market. The solid-brass knurled T-plates with brushed satin ends come with mounting hardware and brass screw clips, and would make the perfect feature hardware piece for your cabinetry. The Kintore range includes beautiful solid-brass knurled pull handles with brushed satin ends which are extra thick and weighty. This product comes in three sizes and is endlessly elegant.

IMG_4122 IMG_4141

Solid-brass hardware is not often designed in contemporary, modern styles. Lo & Co’s extensive hardware ranges offer just this, along with a promise of high quality, originality, and sleek sophistication.



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