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Solu – sleek and simple hardware

February 28, 2018 12:00 pmComments are Disabled

Combining contemporary design with engineering excellence, Solu’s range of sleek, intelligent hardware make a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen space.
Solu is renowned for its streamlined aesthetic, with the company’s trademark handleless feature making its products a great choice for those chasing a clean, minimalist look. Featuring everything from furniture supports to handle designs, floating shelf fittings, edge profiles and a wide range of stylish finishes, the range provides an ideal way to ensure the endless storage we all crave doesn’t impact the look and feel of your new space.

Designed by cabinetmakers for cabinetmakers, this Australian-owned boutique hardware company fully understands industry requirements, ensuring each product has maximum efficiency and is economically viable. So don’t assume a minimal look will all fall into place — take a peek at Solu’s website and point out your favourite solutions to your kitchen designer or cabinetmaker to ensure your new space looks as uncluttered as it does in your dreams!


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