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St James Whitting joins forces with Designer Rugs

November 8, 2017 4:07 pmComments are Disabled

Last month St James Whitting released its first Elementals Collection for Designer Rugs at its Sydney showroom.  More than 80 people attended including architects, designers, clients, media, design students and friends of designers, Kate St James and Catherine Whitting, who are well known on the design scene.

St James Whitting was founded in 2016 by Kate St James, FDIA and Catherine Whitting AssDIA, who have both worked in the design industry for a combined, more than 50 years.  With backgrounds in interior and architectural design, design education and design media, Kate & Catherine’s specialisation is environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly design.

Designs are based on abstract elements of nature including Inked Up, Scratches Indigo, Scarlet Onsen, Tiger Lily and Alcatraz Unlocked. Hand tufted in plush New Zealand wool with lustrous bamboo accents the five designs are inspired by nature and the designer’s travels around Australia and the globe.  Each piece is available in glorious combinations of colours, which can also be custom-coloured and sized to individual requirements.

“For our first collection, we have created designs that reflect our environment and the places we’ve visited on our travels,” said Kate.  “I’m inspired by the elements of nature and the way in which they enhance our lives daily.”

“As an artist and designer, my work is inspired by my surroundings; whether the scratches on the bottom of a row boat, the bark of a tree or and old door – inspiration is all around me,” said Catherine.

“We are delighted to be working with Designer Rugs to bring our collection to fruition. We both have a long-standing relationship with the company over several decades and couldn’t be happier to have them as our trusted manufacturer and supplier”, said the designers.

Photo 30-3-17 4 28 27 pm  Alcatraz

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