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Troublesome corners reimagined with Vauth-Sagel

April 9, 2018 5:20 pmComments are Disabled

Most designers would be familiar with that troublesome corner section of the kitchen cabinetry; it’s one of those annoying sections that are difficult to utilise. Well, things are about to change in households across the country, because Vauth-Sagel has taken this annoyance and turned it into a storage solution.


CORNERSTONE MAXX, Vauth-Sagel’s ingenious corner unit solution, is effectively unlocking the often wasted and untidy interior of corner units in fitted kitchens. The innovative system brings the contents of two tray-like shelves to the front of the unit, allowing the often badly used or even completely unused spaces in the corner unit to be exceptionally functional.


CORNERSTONE MAXX does not obstruct the adjacent units as it swings out and comes to rest fully in front of its own unit. The movement sequence is supported in a unique way by a “Power Assisted Movement” system. Thanks to this lifting and a soft open/soft close mechanism, the interior slides in and out effortlessly and noiselessly.

CORNERSTONE MAXX also offers maximum convenience to the assembler; the system consists of only three parts and makes do with just one mounting point. A single fixing pole ensures maximum stability and makes the height easy to adjust even after it has been fitted.


Thanks to the elegant design, the fixing system is almost invisible yet achieves a load-bearing capacity of up to 25kg per shelf. The shelves themselves are of a modern linear design and, in contrast to competitor products on the market, they make do without unnecessary and annoying indentations. The storage space is therefore utilised to the maximum as the shelves can be used to their full extent.

The CORNERSTONE MAXX is the winner of the German Design Award 2018 for its ingenious design and clever storage capacities.

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