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Versiclad Roofing Systems

November 9, 2017 12:32 pmComments are Disabled

Insulated roofing panels are a high-performance building system that provides outstanding structural integrity, fast build times and ease of construction. Although light in weight, panels are uniquely engineered to provide an alternative construction method to replace conventional building materials. Suited to a wide range of applications – including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings – insulated roofing panels are capable of delivering exceptional value for money, a superior building quality as well as great efficiency and performance.

Enter Versiclad. Versiclad insulated roofing panels provide a weather tight cover, outstanding insulation, and a pre-finished maintenance free ceiling. Versiclad roof panels will not only keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, but deliver a comfortable atmosphere wherever it is you crave a relaxed environment.

Self-mating easily installed roof panels are available in a range of optional profiles with various thickness cores to suit your desired insulation rating or free span requirement. The  insulated roof panels provide a clean crisp uninterrupted ceiling finish, reducing the number of unsightly support beams normally associated with traditional roofing methods.

Roof SIPs – Structural Insulated Roof Panels

  • Trafficable free spans up to 11.4m
  • Insulation value up to RT5.0
  • 3 roof profiles
  • Roof pitches from 1°
  • Panel lengths up to 14m

For all you discerning homeowners who want to add insulation and comfort to your abode, insulated roofing panels are your perfect match. Australian made and family owned for over 30 years, Versiclad prides itself on the quality of its products and helpful customer service. No matter what type of roofing system you are after, it is worth contacting Versiclad today.


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