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Versiclad Spacemaker Insulated Roof Panels

March 28, 2018 11:27 amComments are Disabled

Due to its low minimum pitch, long free spans, wide coverage and excellent thermal performance of up to RT4.1.,  the Versiclad Spacemaker Insulated Roof Panels are truly versatile. The 1 degree minimum fall ensures plenty of head height is maintained over a large area whilst the 1000 mm width equates to speed of installation and less visible ceiling joints. Manufactured on a purpose-built line the Spacemaker Roof offers a cost effective solution for almost any style roofing structure such as outdoor entertaining areas, complete house roofs, schools, sheds and commercial applications. BAL 29 engineering certificate available upon request. Optional MagnaFlow™, pre painted steel with magnesium added for superior corrosion resistance is ideal for harsh environments and those near the coast.


  • Minimum roof pitch only 1° – lowest pitch roof available
  • Longest trafficable unsupported span of up to 11.4m means less unsightly beams
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Wiring services run through core ducts
  • Custom 37mm high trapezoidal profile
  • Fire retardant EPS insulated core dramatically reduces radiant heat transfer, mould, condensation and rain noise
  • Fire flashings available to satisfy up to BAL 29 for AS3959 (for construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas)
  • LED downlights and ceiling fan mounting plates available
  • Solar panel installation engineering available
  • Side eave overhang up to 450mm based on full width panels. Cantilever distance up to 2.85m
  • Pearl white ceiling surface available in Smooth or Stucco embossed
  • Skylight strips now available

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