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VIPP Concept Space + Cult Design

November 9, 2017 12:10 pmComments are Disabled

Cult are excited to announce their new partnership with VIPP– the Danish design leaders in purist kitchen and bathroom concepts, accessories, lighting and furniture. 

Rooted in the manufacture of industrial objects, they favour function over form with a distinct minimalist and timeless aesthetic. Famous for its iconic steel-cylinder pedal bins, originally designed for a hair salon in the 1930s, VIPP now offers a complete range of kitchen and bathrooms accessories and has recently forayed into modular kitchens, led by young industrial designer, Morten Bo Jensen. With a strong belief in fewer but better products, VIPP chooses timelessness over trends.

Morten Bo Jensen elaborates: “You will never see a younger model of an existing VIPP Product. Instead, our aim is to develop products that make a difference compared to what the industry already covers through a higher quality and better function. It is not just about developing something that is new or di erent for that reason alone. For example, we believe that the market lacked a proper, long-lasting dishwasher brush, and which o ers the possibility to replace the head unlike disposable dishwashing brushes. So we developed our own.”

You may also already be familiar with the iconic VIPP Shelter; and now Cult can’t wait to introduce the wider VIPP universe to Australia for the first time. This month they open an all-new Vipp Concept Space that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to add to your next weekend plans.


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