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Award-winning innovation: CORNERSTONE MAXX wins German Design Award 2018

April 20, 2018 2:50 pmComments are Disabled
Award-winning innovation: CORNERSTONE MAXX wins German Design Award 2018

A system solution as ambassador for “Made in Germany” quality: CORNERSTONE MAXX, Vauth-Sagel’s unique corner unit system, has won an internationally renowned design prize, the “German Design Award 2018″, in recognition of the fact that it is an outstanding example of German design quality. The German Design Award 2018 is awarded by the German Design Council, Germany’s ultimate authority for brands and design.

Award-winning innovation: CORNERSTONE MAXX wins German Design Award 2018

The award-winning CORNERSTONE MAXX is a product that is already well-established on the market thanks to its clever design. The corner unit solution brings the contents of two to four tray-like shelves fully in front of the unit. The often badly or even completely unused spaces inside corner units are therefore made usable in an extremely comfortable way without obstructing the access to the adjacent units. The movement sequence is supported by a unique PAM (“Power-Assistant-Movement”) system. Thanks to this lifting mechanism and soft open/soft close drawers, the interior slides in and out almost effortlessly and completely noiselessly.


Each shelf has a load bearing capacity of up to 25 kilograms and there are no obstructive indentations. The floating design of the shelves makes the unit look extremely sophisticated. The simple mounting system also offers maximum convenience to fitters. The smart corner unit solution consists of only three parts and makes do with just one mounting point. A single fixing pole ensures maximum stability and makes the height easy to adjust even after it has been fitted. Vauth-Sagel also achieves all of this with fewer screws and less drilling – which not only saves time but also valuable storage space and ensures that the elegant design of the product is not compromised; a design that has not only won the German Design Award 2018 but also the Universal Design Consumer Award and the Universal Design Expert Award. With the Universal Design Awards, companies are honoured for products which are easy and intuitive and can be used by all generations.

In Planero Design, CORNERSTONE MAXX will be available in Australia from July 2018.


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