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Maximum chlorine output

April 23, 2012 2:02 amComments are Disabled

Aquajoy’s unique cell design is specially engineered for maximum chlorine output. This handy product features the latest clear material and is manufactured from high-quality electrode material. The cell has five plates, three of which are ruthenium/iridium coated anode material and two that are titanium. Stainless-steel terminals are sealed into an epoxy-filled cap to avoid corrosion. The cells also fit into a clear, horizontally mounted, UV-stabilised housing that features 50/40mm inlet and outlet ports.

Aquajoy cells are designed to operate at a salt concentration of 4000 to 5000pm and certain designs will function above these levels. With three different models offered, there is an Aquajoy cell available to suit most domestic swimming pools and spas.
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