SpecifierSource is a visual reference network for time-poor members of the professional design and specification community..

We are a quick, practical source of ideas that are served to a time-poor target audience of professionals.

SpecifierSource is …
1. A Visual Reference Network showing at-a-glance-information
2. Not a new place for them to go, but where they are
3. Emphasis on solutions not just lists of products
4. Shows how it works in context
In short we want to start specifying conversations between professionals in a meaningful way.

Enquire about marketing your product to the SpecifierSource Network

Submarine Shipyard Transformed to Modern Office

A huge industrial submarine shipyard in San Francisco now functions as the office space for an HR software ...

The Calile Hotel

Sun-bleached pinks, sandy-beiges and gold décor details appear inside this hotel, which Richards & Spence has designed to ...

$100 Million Boutique Hotel for Chippendale

A family-owned site in Chippendale is set for renewal with plans for a $100 million boutique hotel lodged ...

Heritage Hotel Reconstructed

An old brick carriage house sits at the heart of a recently constructed Brooklyn hotel – part of ...

Jade Signature to become the new mark of Miami

Miami is known for its sunshine and beaches, and the Jade Signature tower by architects Herzog & de ...


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