Integrating Traditional Natural Design with Big Ass Fans

There’s no longer a need to compromise on space with inner-city living, with strategic design transforming small and confined homes with free-flowing natural interiors.

Post-pandemic, the desire to feel open within our homes is at the utmost priority for prospective homeowners, with a new trend taking over the architectural and interior design scheme – seeing the outside, coming in.


Darling House by CplusC Architects + Builders, a nationally accredited sustainable Architecture and Building firm in Sydney, has been able to transform a traditional terrace space into an inner-city sanctuary filled with quality timber accents, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition throughout the 3-storey home.

Photography | Angus Martin

Improving air quality through ventilation was a primary focus when it came to the client’s overall well-being. The 2022 National Construction Code (NCC) requires all rooms to have either natural or mechanical ventilation. Climate Zones 1-3 cover the majority of Australia and is stated by the NCC that rooms must have a minimum ventilation opening of 10% of the total floor area to be deemed habitable. Ventilation is usually best achieved by having window openings located across the home, however, with walls shared by the neighbours, this meant the home was limited to openings on either end of the home.

CplusC was able to introduce the ultimate level of comfort, whilst maintaining the beautiful heritage accents of the home by adopting elements of the free-running approach into their design. Like many Australian cities, Sydney often experiences high temperatures and levels of humidity creating a need for quality airflow, adequate for all seasonal and weather conditions. By optimising this approach CplusC was able to strategically place a Haiku ceiling fan by Big Ass Fans on the upper level to further enhance ventilation across the second floor. The Haiku has been engineered to easily de-stratify air layers, allowing for the air in the bedroom to mix in with the fresh air, while also evenly dispersing warm and cool air. The mounted overhead fan pushes airflow horizontally, working with the airflow provided by the window openings provisioning a vital balance between air infiltration and exfiltration.

By utilising natural and sustainably sourced materials such as timber and recycled dry-pressed bricks, Darling House has been transformed into an inner-city oasis taking inspiration from Japanese living and design. The unique cocoa finish of the fan accompanies the use of diverse timbers present throughout the home, further enhancing the free-flowing and natural space. In recent years, the popularity of biophilic design has exponentially risen, aiming to connect people and nature within architecture. When conceptualising the utility of the space, CplusC prioritised the importance of cross ventilation, optimising comfort and control for the homeowners, with their integrated sustainability efforts improving energy efficiency.

Photography | Angus Martin

When it comes to ventilation and comfort there is no need to compromise on efficiency and design. CplusC is the first to refer the Haiku range by Big Ass Fans for projects looking to maximise comfort, all year round. With the firm’s integrated sustainability principle and drive to exceed client needs, utilising seamless modern technology and quality throughout is one of the many efforts that set their projects apart.

For lasting and quality airflow inspiration, download the Big Ass Fans Conversations With Architects Guide to transform your next project.

Download the FREE Big Ass Fans design guide CONVERSATIONS WITH ARCHITECTS for more information.

Header Image Michael Lassman

Fan Photography Angus Martin

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Integrating Traditional Natural Design with Big Ass Fans

There's no longer a need to compromise on space with inner-city living, with strategic design transforming small and ...


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