Elevate designs with external venetian blinds

With the trend towards maximising sustainability is set to continue across Australia,  creating thriving, healthy workplaces remain the goal of many commercial designs.



Externally mounted blinds give you far better heat reduction, dramatically minimising the heat entering glazed windows in the first place. With less artificial cooling needed, external venetian blinds make for an eco-friendlier option than interior blinds.  Not just for great performance though, external venetian blinds can really elevate the sense of modern, while offering a point of geometric interest and refinement. If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, then Shade Factor is the company you need.

Shade Factor is a leading Australian specialist in custom-made, high-performance and durable shading products for commercial and residential buildings. Since 1998, it has been trusted to deliver comprehensive solutions for architects, builders and homeowners through years of industry experience, advanced technical knowledge, precision German manufacturing, rigorously engineered products and a focus on client-centred service. Shade Factor is also the exclusive distributor of Warema in Australia.

The German-engineered, highly innovative and premium-quality Warema range leads the world in blind and sunshading manufacturing, with internationally award-winning designs and a range of external venetian blinds for your windows. These blinds deliver a spectacular look, while their insulating properties create a comfortable, energy-efficient interior. You can still enjoy the view from the inside while controlling the intensity of natural light via the tilting slats, and combined with sophisticated climate monitoring and automation, external venetians become a living element of the facade, adapting and moving to maintain optimum light and internal comfort.

Corporate Office Space External Blinds

An outstanding proposition, Warema’s external Venetian blinds won the Red Dot Design Award 2022 for the dim-out Zetra slat, which blocks out light almost as much as a roller shutter and is perfect for when you want to darken rooms such as bedrooms or media rooms, while their innovative graduated slat ProVisio technology increases the view by 25 per cent compared with conventional external venetians, and enhances privacy from the outside looking in.

Warema external venetian blinds come in a variety of slat profiles and can be perforated to provide views even in the closed position. The perfect customisable solution available in 22 standard colours or a bespoke colour of your choice, the blinds disappear into custom-made pelmets for a seamless finish.

Shade Factor Corporate Fit Out

The Warema external venetian range is accredited as “non-combustible” under the building code, giving you peace of mind for your project and making the approvals process easier for architects and builders with dwellings higher than two levels.

If your design incorporates angled windows, Warema external venetian blinds are made-to-order in Germany and can accommodate many sizes and shapes. The blinds are engineered to exacting standards, with a high level of attention to detail so you can be sure the product you receive is a perfect fit.

Through design innovation, Warema has resolved a range of issues, including the question of corners. In modern architecture, all-glass corner windows are a feature and to give the glass facades an attractive shading solution, Warema developed special external venetian blinds for corner positions. With these blinds, no guide rails or tension cables intervene in the aesthetics, while unobtrusive corner joints on the slats ensure a harmonious appearance without affecting the standard tilting behaviour.

Shade Factor External Venetian Blinds

With more than 20 years of successful collaboration in bespoke projects large and small, Shade Factor is highly recommended by the people who matter most — their customers. The Shade Factor team can help with everything from consultation and product advice through to project planning and expert installation across Australia.

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