Lowering Humidity in the Home

Aside from making a home uncomfortable, high humidity also increases the risk of mould and mildew buildup. It’s one of the reasons why lowering home humidity levels is becoming one of the top concerns for homeowners in warm climates.

While accomplishing this might seem challenging at first, The Unico System’s small-duct high-velocity (SDHV) system removes 30% more humidity than other HVAC solutions.


Three Benefits of Installing The Unico System

1. Expect Better Comfort with The Unico System

While traditional HVAC systems focus on setting the right temperature, The Unico System also pays attention to humidity levels. The air handler in the system takes advantage of lower airflow and has larger cooling coils. This means that the air spends more time on the cooling coils, allowing moisture to be removed more efficiently and creating a more comfortable level by reducing temperature and humidity.

2. Improved Air Quality

While traditional AC systems circulate air, they often struggle with larger particles, like dust, pet dander and more. To help catch smaller particles in the air, The Unico System uses MERV 7 filters, which can even capture mold spores. For hot and humid climates, Unico has one of the best systems to help keep the inside of homes comfortable and filled with clean air.

3. Lower Home Humidity While Preserving Architectural Features

Without any form of AC, wood doors, floors and window frames can swell during the summer, causing damage to the home. On the other hand, putting in traditional AC ducts often requires tearing down and replacing walls, woodwork and other beloved features. With The Unico System, homeowners don’t need to choose between comfort and preserving the home’s unique charm.

For more information, visit The Unico System



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