Electric Hydronic Heating Made Easy

Wondering how to enjoy hydronic heating without a gas connection? These electric radiators, made on the same production line as European hydronic panels, offer a perfect, hassle-free solution.

Homeowners love the luxurious warmth of hydronic heating, but many new homes without gas connections can make things tricky. Electric hydronic heating might seem daunting—heat pump hydronic systems can be costly and complex, demanding outdoor space, invasive plumbing and regular maintenance.



This leaves you with a choice: give up on the comfort of hydronic heating or explore other options like split systems. Hydronic heating provides gentle, radiant warmth without the draughts or allergens you get with forced air systems.

Enter Thermosoft Australia’s range of electric radiators: the same radiant heat as hydronic systems without the installation headaches. Plus Series electric radiators, premium quality units from Europe, come from the same factory as hydronic panels. They offer the same cosy warmth but use an electric element and oil instead of water-filled pipes. Installation is a breeze—mount them on walls in around 20 minutes using brackets, or have an electrician hard-wire them.

Why choose Plus Series electric radiators? These slimline panels are a straightforward choice for new homes or retrofits compared to heat pump hydronic systems. No complex piping or outdoor units are required.

The radiators are cost-effective for homeowners looking to cut initial costs during new builds or renovations. While heat pump hydronic systems can cost over $30,000, you can install Plus Series electric radiators for as little as $8000, depending on your home’s size. Though heat pump hydronic systems may boast lower running costs, the investment takes decades to recoup in energy savings.

Plus Series electric radiators excel in energy efficiency, particularly in well-insulated, draught-proof homes with good heat retention. They channel electricity directly into heat for peak performance, while advanced digital thermostats keep room temperatures within a 0.1 degrees of your preferred level. Timers and zoning capabilities let you heat only the rooms you use, synching with solar power generation for extra savings.

When choosing a heating system, weigh up installation complexity, efficiency, cost and personal comfort. Plus Series electric radiators provide budget-friendly, easy installation and personalised room control. Enjoy the same cosy warmth of hydronic heating at a fraction of the cost.

For expert advice on planning a winter heating system, get in touch with Thermosoft Australia.

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