French Fireplace Elegance

From the serene countryside to the centrepiece of a trendy bar in the big city, a touch of French sophistication intertwines with modern design, courtesy of Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s exquisite range of luxury French fireplaces which stand as a focal point, transforming the living spaces into the heart of the home.



Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s repertoire boasts distinguished offerings, including the contemporary Axis range, the cast iron marvel Seguin, and the foreground of fireplace design with JC Bordelet suspended fireplaces.

Moreover, beyond their aesthetic appeal, Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s French fireplaces prioritise quality and longevity. Engineered with technology in mind and the use of premium materials such as 100% pure cast iron, they not only provide comfort but also ensure unparalleled warmth in a space.

The Axis range embodies a distinct sense of contemporary elegance. With clean lines and minimalist design, these fireplaces redefine modern living, seamlessly integrating into any architectural style. From the grandeur of open-plan living spaces to the intimacy of cosy corners, the Axis range adds a touch of understated luxury, elevating the ambience with its modern appeal.


For those seeking a focal point that transcends convention, Sculpt presents the JC Bordelet suspended fireplaces. These suspended masterpieces defy design gravity, suspending flames in mid-air with breathtaking grace. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and artisanal expertise, each JC Bordelet fireplace is not just a heating source but a sculptural work of art. Whether suspended from lofty ceilings or nestled within intimate alcoves, these fireplaces
command attention, inviting admiration and awe.

In this Dawesley project, the Seguin Multivision 8000 DS with a lift door mechanism shows off its industrial edge, embracing the exposed cast iron in this freestanding application. The array of options underscores a dedication to both style and functionality. From the innovative features of the Seguin Multivision 8000, showcased atop a bespoke premium Italian brick feature bench cleverly serving as a hearth, it showcases the versatility of configurations and just how customisable these luxury fireplaces can be in every home.

It is a testament to the transformative power of Sculpt’s French fireplaces, where tradition meets innovation, and luxury intertwines with sustainability. Versatility, variety and elegance intersect in Sculpt Fireplace Collection’s range, igniting a new standard of luxury living.


For more information, visit Sculpt Fireplaces

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French Fireplace Elegance

From the serene countryside to the centrepiece of a trendy bar in the big city, a touch of ...

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