Introducing Panasonic's nanoe™ X Virtual Reality Experience: Revolutionizing Air Quality Visualization for Businesses

In the rapidly evolving landscape of air purification and conditioning solutions, Panasonic has emerged as a trailblazer with its flagship nanoe X technology. To highlight the benefits of its nanoe X range, the company has commissioned a groundbreaking VR program that brings to life the invisible impurities that surround us daily.



The system provides a visual representation of common contaminants, including Mould, Virus, Odour, and Bacteria, on various surfaces we interact with every day. While boardrooms and offices might seem pristine, this VR system enables users to witness, in real-time, the presence of impurities that would otherwise remain hidden from the naked eye.

The immersive experience is made possible through the use of VR headsets, offering a stunning visual display of impurities with incredible realism. As professionals immerse themselves in the virtual environment, they gain a tangible understanding of the contaminants present in their surroundings, thus enhancing their awareness and knowledge of potential health risks.

The VR training will allow Architects, specifiers and other decision makers and influencers, to experience what air purification has to offer. It is particularly relevant in indoor environments such as health care, education and aged care where comfort and health is extremely important – from aged care staff and residents to health care workers and their patients, and child care professionals and those they care for.

The nanoe X technology demonstrated through this VR experience, is a true marvel of engineering in the field of air conditioning and air purification. By collecting invisible moisture from the air and converting it into hydroxyl radicals, nanoe X generates an astonishing 480 billion hydroxyl radicals per second (0.48 trillion) – a staggering 9.6 trillion per second with the nanoe X generator Mark 2. These radicals react with hydrogen in pollen, bacteria, viruses, and odor compounds, effectively neutralizing and inhibiting their harmful effects. The byproduct of this process is water (H₂0).

Panasonic’s nanoe X technology is backed by over 25 years of dedicated research and development, with more than 140 independent laboratory tests conducted worldwide to validate its efficacy. The technology provides 24-hour air purification in indoor environments, ensuring continuous air quality improvement even when cooling or heating systems are not in operation.

Beyond the VR training program, the benefits of nanoe X are seen in Panasonic’s range of Air Conditioners and Air Purifiers. They leverage this technology to constantly clean the air and surfaces, offering an easy and effective way to maintain cleaner environments. Key benefits include:

  1. Neutralizing Bacteria and Viruses: The nanoe X technology actively inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses, contributing to healthier indoor environments.
  2. Active Deodorization: Unpleasant odours are effectively broken down and removed, leaving spaces smelling fresh and clean.
  3. Inhibition of Mould Growth: Mould is a common problem in many indoor environments, but nanoe X helps prevent its growth and spread.
  4. Allergen Reduction: Allergens such as pollen are neutralized, providing relief to those who suffer from allergies.
  5. Removal of Harmful Substances: Nanoe X breaks down potentially harmful substances found in small particle sizes as small as PM2.5, contributing to overall air quality improvement.

The nanoe X purifying technology has received recognition from industry experts, including the National Asthma Council Australia’s community program, Sensitive Choice and the Green Building Council of Australia. This endorsement signifies nanoe X as an air purifying solution suitable for individuals with asthma or allergies, making it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to create healthier and safer environments for their employees and customers.

Panasonic’s nanoe X VR Experience stands as a powerful tool for businesses and institutions alike.

With the ability to visualize impurities in real-time and the exceptional efficacy of nanoe X technology, Panasonic is setting a new standard for air purification and training solutions in the B2B market. By investing in this cutting-edge technology, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and energy efficiency, ultimately fostering a healthier and more productive workspace.

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