Atelier Xi crafts rural library blending architecture and nature

In the serene expanse at the foothills of Yuntai Mountain in China’s Henan Province, a captivating architectural marvel emerges amidst a vast ice-chrysanthemum field.

Atelier Xi, renowned for its innovative designs, has unveiled a new library project that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, resembling a cluster of angular blocks amidst a sea of flowers.


Commissioned to create a multifunctional community space, Atelier Xi has ingeniously crafted the library as a series of geometric volumes, each resembling faceted fragments of rock. These interconnected yet distinct units serve a variety of purposes, ranging from book reading and musical performances to ice-chrysanthemum tea tasting and agricultural education workshops. Additionally, some units function as storage spaces for farming tools, ensuring the practical needs of the community are met within this architectural gem.

What sets this library apart is its integration with the natural environment. Rather than imposing itself upon the landscape, the design delicately weaves through the chrysanthemum field, enhancing the scenic beauty while fostering a sense of harmony between architecture and nature. The scattered arrangement of the buildings allows for the preservation of existing trees and creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a traditional village, promoting a strong sense of community.

Drawing inspiration from local village houses, each unit of the library features a sloping rooftop, paying homage to the region’s architectural heritage. The varied orientations of the ceilings not only offer enchanting vistas of the flower field but also contribute to the dynamic visual landscape. Furthermore, the deliberate positioning of the units ensures that they capture the changing interplay of light throughout the day, adding another layer of depth to the visitor’s experience.

In essence, Atelier Xi’s rural library stands as a testament to the potential of architecture to coexist harmoniously with nature. By embracing the surrounding environment and incorporating elements of local culture, the library not only serves as a functional community space but also as a source of inspiration and wonder for generations to come.

Images by Zhang Chao via designboom

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