Cooling System Supplied to Colonial Interiors

The Unico System is the industry leading small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) central heating, cooling, and ventilation solution.  The Unico System uses compact air handling equipment and flexible ducts that terminate in small, unobtrusive round or slotted outlets rather than the typical rectangular registers used by traditional ducted air systems.



The smaller size of the system makes it ideal for installation in tight spaces where traditional HVAC would not fit and is ideal for architecturally designed homes as well as older homes. The Unico System fits effortlessly into small spaces, without compromising comfort or style – whether it is being used to retrofit new A/C into an existing home, replace an existing inefficient system, or going into a new build.

How does it work?

Discreet and versatile, the energy efficient Unico System is the central heating, cooling, & ventilation choice of discerning architects, builders, and homeowners in the United States, Europe, and Asia and is now available in Australia. Offering many features and benefits not available with traditional forced air systems, The Unico System has been installed in several noteworthy historic and custom-designed homes across the globe.

Case Study

A recent project in Fort Worth, Texas, USA involved the addition of a custom-built all glass conservatory designed to mesh with the period characteristics of a 1928 Colonial Revival home originally designed by a renowned architect.  Brent Hull, the general contractor for this project is a well-respected and nationally known preservationist and master builder chose The Unico System for this project because of its ability to fit into any design.

Finding a method to heat and cool the conservatory addition without disrupting its interior layout, which needed to mimic and continue the period detail of the host home, posed a challenge until Brent found The Unico System.  The decision to use Unico was not just due to the space restrictions and need for minimum impact on the aesthetics, but also the unique conditions of an almost all-glass space needing to maintain comfortable temperature levels during extreme Texas temperatures. In summer, temperatures can climb above 43° C, creating a monumental thermal load from the exterior temperature and heat radiation caused by so many windows.  An additional problem can arise due to excessive humidity buildup resulting in condensation forming on the inside of glass surfaces that are cooler than their exteriors.

The space required 35kW of cooling, supplied by two 17.5kW Unico Systems, to efficiently maintain a constant temperature in the low to mid 20’s Celsius. Another consideration was the humidity that builds due to the difference in outdoor and indoor temperatures and all that glass. Brent knew that The Unico System is the only system that can fit into the space, preserve the aesthetics, and provide consistent temperature and humidity control.

The conservatory’s heat source is covered by two outdoor heat pumps which were installed 43 metres away and down an embankment to minimize noise and visual impact. These units supply heat to the two Unico System heat pump coils in air handlers located in a dead space above the conservatory’s restroom.

The supply ductwork is located in a tight ceiling area that also houses lighting and other mechanical wiring and the outlets are of an unfinished slotted design. The return air ducting is located in wall chase with period-specific grilles low to the floor.

Learn more about The Unico System’s recent partnership with Master Builder Brent Hull at the website here.

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