Kingswood Hotel Makes Way for 133-Apartment Mixed-Use Development

In a significant development for the Kingswood area in Greater Western Sydney, plans have been unveiled for a mixed-use project that will replace the iconic Kingswood Hotel with a modern dual-tower development.

This ambitious project, located at 180 Great Western Highway and 26 Rodgers Street, will encompass two pubs and 133 apartments, promising to redefine the local landscape.


The Kingswood Hotel, a well-known establishment in Greater Western Sydney, will be demolished to pave the way for this transformation. The proposal comes as part of the continuous urban development efforts in the region, with a focus on creating vibrant and dynamic spaces that cater to the evolving needs of the community.

Situated strategically opposite the Kingswood Railway Station, the project’s location offers both convenience and accessibility for residents and patrons. This prime positioning aligns with the broader trend of transit-oriented developments, promoting sustainable and efficient urban living.

The driving force behind this ambitious undertaking is Kingswood Hotel Property Pty Ltd, a developer associated with Wassim (Sam) Arnaout. Arnaout, a prominent hotelier and the chief executive of Iris Capital, is no stranger to high-profile projects. His presence in this venture underscores the significant investment and commitment to the Kingswood development.

The dual-tower design is a testament to the project’s commitment to versatility. By incorporating two pubs alongside 133 apartments, the development will seamlessly blend commercial and residential elements, contributing to a thriving and integrated community space. This combination of amenities will not only serve the immediate residents but also attract visitors, further bolstering the local economy.

As the Kingswood Hotel makes way for this innovative mixed-use development, it symbolizes the region’s determination to embrace progress while preserving its unique identity. This project promises to invigorate the area, offering a glimpse into the future of urban living in Kingswood, where modernity meets tradition, and innovation takes center stage.

With plans already in motion, the Kingswood community can look forward to a dynamic and transformative addition to their neighbourhood. As the project progresses, it will be fascinating to witness how this modern dual-tower development shapes the Kingswood skyline and contributes to the local way of life.

Images via The Urban Developer

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