Liminal transforms Freycinet Lodge with Coastal Pavilions

In a strategic move to elevate the accommodation offerings at Freycinet Lodge on the East Coast of Tasmania, Liminal, the renowned design firm, has successfully delivered nine Coastal Pavilions that redefine the guest experience against the backdrop of the stunning Freycinet National Park.

The expansion project was commissioned to provide a fresh perspective, complementing the existing 60 cabins established in the 1990s.


Freycinet National Park, with its iconic pink-orange granite mountains and captivating coastline, is not only one of the oldest national parks in Tasmania but also one of the most visited destinations. The challenge for Liminal was to create a new style of accommodation that not only respects but also seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of the park.

Drawing inspiration from the fluid forms of nearby bays and coastal granite rock formations, the Coastal Pavilions showcase a design that pays homage to the character of the National Park. Tasmanian timbers, including offcuts of Tasmanian oak and Blackwood joinery, dominate the interiors, providing a warm and authentic Tasmanian experience. The emphasis on locally manufactured materials, such as the only plywood produced in the region, reinforces a commitment to the unique Tasmanian identity.

Despite budget constraints, Liminal’s creative ingenuity shines through in the use of utilitarian and common materials. Tasmanian-made structural plywood graces the floors and ceilings, while offcuts of Tasmanian Oak, arranged in a random configuration on the walls, add visual interest that transforms with shifting light. The exterior, featuring a protective shell made of durable charred hardwood, not only enhances the pavilions’ resilience but also ensures they blend harmoniously into the natural surroundings.

One of the distinctive experiential highlights of the Coastal Pavilions is the netted, hammock-like balustrades. This innovative solution preserves uninterrupted views, providing guests with a unique opportunity to relax and immerse themselves in the incredible setting. Liminal’s commitment to community and place-generating design is evident, ensuring that the Coastal Pavilions offer an immersive, sustainable, and site-specific experience that acknowledges the privilege of inhabiting such a beautiful part of the world.

The Coastal Pavilions at Freycinet Lodge stand as a testament to Liminal’s ability to transform constraints into opportunities, creating a new standard for accommodation that harmonizes with nature and provides guests with an unforgettable Tasmanian experience.

Images by Dianna Snape via ArchDaily

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