Open plan 'cabin in the forest' with a modern twist

The exposure of architecture, structure, and construction details as an aesthetic of the space is designed as a reflection of the simple lifestyle and personality of the owner, a retiree who is an architectural design enthusiast from Hong Kong.

The home was designed as a peaceful place to spend their retirement, surrounded by the tranquillity of Chiang Mai (The Northern of Thailand). A far cry from his entire life in an ultra-high density flat.


Sustainable living with nature was the main concern in relation to countryside neighbourhoods. All rooms are designed to have natural light and ventilation with full-height windows. Main functions including kitchen and two bedrooms are located on the ground floor in proximity to the garden.  The sculptural stairway is strategically located in the centre of the simple layout. The characteristic of Sala, the Thai traditional open pavilion, is introduced for the upper floor living area to observe a panoramic view. All furniture can also be rearranged to suit flexible activities. Most of them are upcycling furniture, wood carving from local wood waste.

The structure, the long-span exposed roof truss is applied to achieve the open plan.  The interlocking folding pitched roof form reduces rain gutters to minimize future maintenance issues due to the Monsoon season. All louvers between each roof pitch work for heat reduction. Dwellers can retreat into a natural ventilated atmosphere in the harsh summer of a tropical country.

Images by Boonyanuch Tanwattanadamneurn via ArchDaily


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