Stone Lodge: a lesson in cohesion of design and nature

Natural Life is about re-establishing the experience of connecting with both oneself and the natural environment.

The ability to now work from anywhere in the world, and the abundant availability of conveniences has led us to pioneer a new philosophy, called ‘Reverse Urbanization’.


By allying with Mother Earth in designing dwellings that are in harmony with oneself and the natural environment, dwellings that facilitate ‘Natural Life’.

The architecture of Stone Lodges is perched on three distinct levels. The first and second levels house the spacious residence while the third level comprises the Exterior Deck with an infinity pool surrounded by lily ponds. Each deck is designed in such a way that it has an unobstructed view of the forest. Designed “around nature, rather than on it”, the natural features such as trees and boulders, play their part in enhancing this carefully designed living experience.

The thoughtfully designed roof of the Gazebo made of log rafters and clay tiles is supported by four sturdy wooden poles. Underneath the ‘Gazebo’ is a daybed to unwind whilst listening to the songs of nature. Our signature Bay-window brings natural light into the space with a striking view of the lush landscape around. An addition to the expansive rooms, the exterior of the bay window is covered with thick Eucalyptus poles. The master bedroom is a private retreat within the larger sanctuary.

Designed to be one with nature, a private deck adjoining the space provides a stunning view of the surrounding wilderness. Portraying the natural edge, the exceptional wooden bed is the furniture of dreams! Sturdy and bold, this magnificent piece is crafted from robust teak wood. The hardwood floors made of rich teak, adorn the space with warmth and grain. The accent wall with rough-textured stone contrasts the warm wood all around. Our signature outdoor bath reveals the freedom of taking a shower beneath the open sky. This indulging tropical shower helps one reconnect with nature with the luxury of staying indoors.

Set amidst a courtyard, the organic shower tray with stepping stones is surrounded by lush foliage and natural boulders. The interplay of light and shadow is brought about by the Eucalyptus poles on the ceiling, with their natural oils and distinct texture. Made-out of brass, the bathroom fixtures add an antique charm to the rustic stone wall. Mounted on the counter, is a black granite wash basin elegantly chiselled from a natural rock. The wooden cabinetry below the counter is finished with hand-crafted wooden knobs.

With sustainability as the core idea, up-cycled wood from construction is crafted into switchboards while maintaining its organic shape. The custom-made antique brass tumbler switch complements the natural texture of the stone wall. Each chair with its distinct personality elevates the beauty of teak wood in its original form combined with cane, weaved by local artisans. Carved with nature-inspired motifs, the apron of the chair compliments the handpicked natural upholstery.

Images by Earthitects via ArchDaily


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