Sydney's Quay Quarter Tower named Best Tall Building Worldwide in 2023

In a remarkable feat of architectural innovation and sustainable redevelopment, the Quay Quarter Tower in Sydney has claimed the prestigious title of the “Best Tall Building Worldwide” for 2023.

This remarkable achievement was conferred upon the skyscraper by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) during their annual awards ceremony.


The tower, designed by Danish studio 3XN and Australian studio BVN, has proven itself as a symbol of modernity and sustainability.

The Quay Quarter Tower stands tall at a height of 206 meters, and it is a stunning refurbishment of the modernist 1970s AMP Center, once an iconic Sydney landmark. The accolade was bestowed upon the Quay Quarter Tower due to its exceptional demonstration of forward-looking strategies for managing high-density urban spaces in a more sustainable manner, as outlined by CTBUH.

The Quay Quarter Tower’s transformation from an aging commercial structure into a state-of-the-art skyscraper is a testament to the synergy between heritage and contemporary architecture. The revitalization project has not only retained the building’s historical significance but also incorporated modern sustainability practices, making it a model for future urban development.

3XN and BVN’s design showcases a seamless integration of sustainability and innovation, from its energy-efficient features to its innovative use of space and materials. The tower’s sustainable design elements include green roofs, advanced HVAC systems, and efficient use of natural light to reduce energy consumption. These measures underscore its commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for urban architecture.

The recognition by CTBUH is a reflection of the international architectural community’s appreciation for the way the Quay Quarter Tower marries the past with the future, all while pushing the boundaries of sustainable design. This award-winning skyscraper stands as a living example of how architects can reimagine and refurbish existing structures, transforming them into icons of environmental and architectural excellence.

“The global construction industry confronts an emerging dilemma: should we build new structures, or should we renew existing ones to accommodate the anticipated growth in urban density?” said CTBUH CEO Javier Quintana de Uña.

“The pursued remedies can impact not only individual structures but also entire cities and the built environment in general and must take into account environmental, economic and social sustainability,” he continued.

“Sydney’s Quay Quarter Tower exemplifies the forward-looking strategies and solutions that address this density dilemma head-on, significantly reducing carbon emissions and helping to mitigate the impact of climate change while meeting the needs of its occupants and the surrounding community.”

The Quay Quarter Tower’s designation as the Best Tall Building Worldwide in 2023 signifies a pivotal moment in architectural history, as it demonstrates that the future of tall buildings can indeed be sustainable, efficient, and forward-thinking. With the Quay Quarter Tower as an inspiration, the global architectural community is poised to continue embracing innovative and eco-friendly solutions in the construction and redevelopment of urban landscapes.

Images via Dezeen

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