Eclectic Noodle Shop in Mumbai

WDA recently redesigned their Fatty Bao restaurant in Mumbai to feature an eclectic Asian interior design, allowing for visitors to be completely encapsulated by oriental themes and styles.

Three distinct seating options are available from the moment you walk in; a bar, small high table seating and large table settings.


The bar at the front of the restaurant offers the perfect place to sit for a drink and a bite to eat. With six stools available, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere alone or with a friend, close to all the action. The bamboo-lined bar with deep-set cove lighting sets a cosy ambiance, and the red and green themed shelves are lined with Asian character motifs, framed images and artefacts that show off the alcohol choices.

Another seating option is the high bar stool and table arrangement. Placed directly below a cluster of oriental-style lamps, the area is perfect for a small group or family to enjoy an intimate meal. A modern take on popular Asian fans line the walls, arranged as lighting fixtures. They are placed over panels of origami artwork and mirrors to reflect the décor elements at the bar.

Past this seating section and a wooden semi-arc is a seating area for those who prefer deep bucket seats and tables. The underlying material theme of rattan, wood and bamboo continues into this space as well. The wooden board flooring that runs down the centre of this space leads up to an artefact wall that showcases several multi-coloured pop elements of origami designs. The overhead framed mirror reflects this space, enhancing both visual and aesthetic appeal. While one wall of this seating area continues with the theme of framed panels, the other side is reminiscent of delicate screens in a Japanese tea house.

Conceptually, WDA’s Fatty Bao is inspired by elements of its predecessors but has a lot of unique approaches that are showcased in this particular outlet. From artefacts to ornate paintings to life-size murals and floor-based pop designs, this restaurant features a unique and stylish take on the traditional oriental restaurant design.

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