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Unox Casa believes that the comfort and luxury of a high-end culinary experience shouldn’t be confined to restaurants. At the residential division of Unox, the world’s leading brand of professional ovens, the goal is to bring the performance of top-rated restaurants to luxury private homes.

From this belief, SuperOven was born – the first oven to seamlessly blend cutting-edge professional technology with iconic Italian design, perfect for the most exquisite and refined environments. Available in two configurations, Model 1 and Model 1S, SuperOven sets a new standard for culinary living.


SuperOven delivers professional-grade performance in an intuitive, user-friendly manner, enabling cooking techniques not typically achievable in traditional ovens, such as grilling, frying, vacuum cooking, smoking and dehydrating. Equipped with sensors that continuously monitor humidity levels within the cooking chamber, SuperOven ensures even cooking and prepares food up to three times faster than conventional ovens. The intuitive digital control panel features over 400 automatic cooking programmes. By simply selecting the type of food and desired outcome, the oven automatically adjusts the settings, accommodating the amount of food being prepared.


Model 1 harnesses the power and versatility of two professional ovens, while the more compact Model 1S features a single cooking chamber. Both models incorporate the same advanced technology and come with a built-in ventilation system equipped with professional active carbon filters, effectively eliminating odours and vapours. Cleaning is a breeze with SuperOven’s automatic self-cleaning feature, which uses a water and eco-friendly detergent solution patented by Unox Casa.


Unox Casa takes customer support to the next level with its ‘Cook Like a Chef’ digital platform. This innovative tool connects users with Unox Casa chefs, who are available to guide them through the world of haute cuisine. Additionally, the ‘Personal Cooking Trainer’ service provides one-on-one support from Unox Casa chefs, offering personalised menus and step-by-step assistance to ensure users create exceptional dishes for their dinner parties.


From the vision of bringing restaurant-quality cooking to home kitchens, Unox Casa has created an appliance that does more than just cook – it transforms the culinary experience. With SuperOven, what started as a high-end kitchen appliance is now a revolution in home cooking. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, Unox Casa delivers the performance, style, and convenience that make life and cooking more enjoyable.


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