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Although there are many factors that make up the success of a property project a sure key to turning profitable sales is a well-designed kitchen fitted with appliances recognised as premium quality. So if your project needs the edge read on. Enter Kleenmaid appliances - an Australian icon recognised and ...

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8 OMF9022, RHUM90 2, ICT9021

Since 1984 Kleenmaid appliances have been loved by more than 530,000 Australian families. Their well-appointed European designed appliances are renowned throughout the industry for premium quality as well as providing the kind of satisfaction that can only be guaranteed with over 30 years’ experience. Although there are many factors that make up the ...

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VIVID 2017 Design Winners announced

The VIVID 2017 Award winners were announced on Thursday afternoon, 20 July, at an award ceremony held at Decor + Design and AIFF exhibition in Melbourne. Working to unearth the newest and greatest talent in the design industry, VIVID is Australia’s longest running design competition, with 2017 marking its 14th year in operation. ...

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Italian Sophistication


Italian design house Gessi continues its reputation for style and sophistication with the release of its iSpa collection. Italian sculptor and world-renowned designer Prospero Rasulo has again collaborated with Gessi, producing a stunning range motivated by the idea of extreme customisation of the modern bathroom. As the name suggests, the ...

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Going Green


Australia is heavily dependent on landfill as a means of waste management. In fact, the majority of non-recycled waste will end up in landfill sites. Estimates suggest each household produces close to 1.5 tonnes of waste each year. And nearly half (47 per cent in 2009–2010) of all household waste is organic — namely ...

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New Generation Titus T-type Glissando Hinge

image_T-type linear plate

The T-type hinge offers a user-friendly ‘3Way’ Snap-on insertion, low hinge cup depths, highly tolerant adjustment and the option for a linear arm and baseplate – all with the world-leading Titus damper built-in. Speed up your assembly process, increase your customer satisfaction and improve your competitiveness by using T-type Glissando hinge ...

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 As far as timbers go, nothing beats the durability and superior quality of teak. Unlike other timbers, teak’s natural oils make it the perfect element to withstand water exposure without the risk of fatigue. Schots’ latest collection elegantly contrasts a contemporary form with a rustic finish to create a ...

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The BIBO Water Bar is a benchtop water dispenser that filters and purifies tap water at the touch of a button. Using the latest in multistage carbon filtration to remove tastes, odours, heavy metals, chlorine, microorganisms and other nasties from tap water, it only leaves the good minerals behind. Available ...

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Dine in style with the custom-designed and -handcrafted solid American cherry timber dining table. At an impressive 3600 millimetres long, it’s sure to add a subtle hint of earthiness to any interior. The angle of the plinth bases accentuates the lines of a building, tying spaces together. The nifty design ...

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Just when we thought we’d seen it all, Hydro Heat introduces the Rialto Wi-Fi thermostat — a cutting-edge innovation that is set to change the game of heating equipment this winter. The Rialto Wi-Fi thermostat gives users the ability to change the temperature of their home by using their smartphone ...

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