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Australian Dream kitchen: your ideal cooker


For many Australians, the dream kitchen fuses classic styling with modern technology. Thankfully, one product synonymous with timeless sophistication and contemporary functionality is the AGA Total Control.   Handcrafted and made in Britain, the AGA Total Control five-oven cooker with an integrated module electric cooker offers complete flexibility to suit ...

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Get the best results from your Tastic exhaust

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We’ve put together a checklist to ensure the Tastic exhaust product you install will perform at its optimal level. As every home is different, the installation of the product varies, depending on the installer, room size and roof cavity configuration.   1. To prevent moisture build-up, bathrooms need a fan ...

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Solu – sleek and simple hardware


Combining contemporary design with engineering excellence, Solu’s range of sleek, intelligent hardware make a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen space. Solu is renowned for its streamlined aesthetic, with the company’s trademark handleless feature making its products a great choice for those chasing a clean, minimalist look. Featuring ...

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City-friendly and functional – the AGA 60

AGA 60 Roomsets

The new AGA 60 means that everyone – wherever they live and whatever kitchen space they have available – will be able to find an AGA that fits perfectly. The AGA 60 is everything you would expect from a full-sized standard AGA oven, but wrapped up in a smaller, more city-friendly package. At just 60...

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ClearStone Bath: light and seamless


It isn’t easy to blend the perfect combination of beauty and strength into one sophisticated bath, but the Gareth Ashton ClearStone Bath has achieved this. The latest designs of Gareth Ashton, available via Abey Australia, these baths are one completely solid piece. Composed with Dolomitic marble, the bath is ...

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Quality and innovation: Technika Professional Series

Technika - single oven

Designed for home chefs with a passion for cooking, the Technika Professional Series sets new standards in quality and innovation. Packed with features that enhance your time in the kitchen, the Professional Series makes even the most complex cooking tasks easy. From a Sunday roast to a sensational soufflé, you’...

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Euro Alfresco: Beyond the BBQ


A division of Euro Appliances, Euro Alfresco have designed and developed a one-stop alfresco modular kitchen solution that ensures your outdoor cooking is personalised with elegance and ease. With the popularity of outdoor cooking and entertaining growing beyond the classic backyard BBQ, Euro Alfresco have pre-designed six outdoor kitchens that ...

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Reputable rangehoods by Qasair

cropped qasair copy

Qasair has grown exponentially to keep satisfying the market with its increasing range of domestic cooking appliances — and the company now exports to New Zealand and Southeast Asia. Qasair’s premium-quality rangehoods offer exceptional effectiveness and feature on-trend finishes. The company’s rangehoods can now be seen not only in ...

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Chris Carroll

When a designer is at the top of his or her game, an unmistakable sense of confidence, ease, and spirit is evident in every detail. Such is the case for Chris Carroll – the brains behind lifestyle blog The Life Creative. A site that aims to put a playful spin on ...

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Versiclad is the leading brand of high performance insulated roofing panels used in various architectural, design, residential and industrial applications. Versiclad insulated roofing panels provide a weather tight cover, outstanding insulation, and a pre-finished maintenance free ceiling. The roof panels will not only keep you cool in summer and warm ...

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