Vibia Knit

Vibia Knit, an enchanting new illumination series crafted by Meike Hardy, intertwines the dynamic relationship between light, materiality and texture. Possessing the ability to transform living environments into immersive experiences, the components craft atmospheric ambience that invites tactile exploration and exudes comforting warmth.



Drawing inspiration from the compelling juxtaposition of strength and softness inherent in sea urchins, the Knit collection stands as a captivating homage to femininity. Its elaborate texture beckons tactile exploration, urging users to engage with its surface and savour its intimate touch.

Meike Harde’s grasp of materials is demonstrated in the fusion of texture and light within the Knit collection. Employing the “technical knitting” method, the 3D lycra covering emerges as a distinctive medium facilitating the gentle permeation of light, resulting in a soft and diffused luminosity. This seamless amalgamation of materials and light imparts an atmospheric dimension to the design.

Harde’s selection of neutral tones ensures the seamless integration of the Knit collection into various interior settings. Whether in grand pendants or expansive floor lamps, the collection’s curvaceous silhouette reinterprets traditional lamp design, combining contemporary craftsmanship and technical innovation. The inclusion of earthy hues contributes to a comfortable and warm ambience, establishing Knit as a versatile option for a range of furniture styles.

Vibia Knit, know available at KODA Lighting, transcends its identity as a mere lighting collection, embodying an artistic fusion of light, materiality and tactile engagement. Harde’s innovative approach and the utilisation of technical knitting result in a design that not only illuminates spaces but also forges an emotional and tactile connection with users. The Knit collection serves as a testament to the transformative influence of deliberate design in shaping the sensory experience of surroundings.

For more information, visit KODA Lighting

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Vibia Knit

Vibia Knit, an enchanting new illumination series crafted by Meike Hardy, intertwines the dynamic relationship between light, materiality ...

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