MRDK creates a flowing oasis with arches and mosaics for Ciele Athletics store in Montreal

In the bustling streets of Montreal, Canadian sportswear brand Ciele Athletics has unveiled its first boutique designed by local studio MRDK.

This 3,000-square-foot flagship store on Notre-Dame Street combines the functionality of a boutique with the inviting warmth of a social space for runners. Central to MRDK’s design strategy are the rounded walls, archways, and captivating mosaic floors that breathe life into this unique retail experience.


“The play of light and shadows on these textured surfaces creates a sense of dynamism, accentuating the uniqueness of the space,” said MRDK.

The boutique, which opened its doors in April 2023, offers a refreshing departure from conventional store layouts. The rounded walls and archways serve as more than just design elements; they actively shape the store’s ambiance and flow. These architectural features create an organic and inviting path for visitors to explore the space, allowing them to connect with the brand’s ethos and products.

As one enters the boutique, the flooring immediately catches the eye. Black and white mosaic tiles grace the narrow entryway, forming a striking graphic pattern that draws inspiration from select items in Ciele Athletics’ apparel collection. This intricate mosaic not only showcases the brand’s commitment to design but also provides a visual link between the store’s aesthetics and its merchandise.

A lounge area at the end is designated for gathering and conversation, offering “anyone with an interest in movement and connection a chance to experience running and the many facets of its dynamic community through regular meet-ups and events”, said MRDK.

Beyond aesthetics, MRDK’s design for the Ciele Athletics store in Montreal is about fostering a sense of community among runners. The rounded archways and walls invite customers to linger and socialize, transcending the typical retail experience. It encourages runners to gather, exchange stories, and create a sense of belonging within the sportswear community.

“An arched wall gracefully separates the more public community area from the rest of the store, creating a sense of intrigue and inviting exploration,” MRDK said.

MRDK’s thoughtful incorporation of arches and mosaics at the Ciele Athletics store is a testament to their ability to elevate a retail space into a multifunctional destination. With their design choices, they have successfully created a welcoming environment that resonates with the brand’s identity and encourages a sense of camaraderie among the running community. This Montreal boutique stands as a prime example of how architecture and design can amplify the essence of a brand and create a holistic shopping experience that goes beyond the transactional, redefining the relationship between consumers and retailers.

Images by David Dworkind and Alex Lesage via Dezeen

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