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The ways we live in our homes are continually changing, from simple tools to improve comfort through to bold solutions that create the ‘wow’ factor through beautiful design. Equally, we also love the ability to hide or conceal elements in our homes. With a simple touch of a button, products and materials can be instantly revealed when they are needed, creating a hidden element of surprise.



Today, shading systems are the perfect example of where these innovations shine. Over the years, we have innovated with a huge variety of blind and shade products that open and close, unfold panels seamlessly, make blinds appear from the roof and offer shades that pop up from nowhere. As well as providing high-end concealment, these innovations enable you to control how your house responds to provide comfort, health and energy efficiency.

The art of disappearing space – how to seamlessly integrate your sun shading.

Thankfully, the days of dated heavy drapes with dangling cords and bulky external shutters are long gone. In their place, high-performing shade systems that not only eliminate the clutter but create solutions that are elegant and beautiful where you can control how much shade you permit in your space.

For example, our 700S recess folding arm awning is designed with a standard front panel or can be used with a front panel that matches the building façade. To the user, the only visible element is a neat panel line, but with the press of a button, a section of the building pops out and the awning opens.

700s recess folding arm awning

Another example is our flagship external venetian blinds from Warema. The custom-made range is designed to retract seamlessly into a pelmet, creating a clean look.  For clear, uninterrupted views, opt for the fine cable-guided option. When the blinds are retracted, you’ll hardly tell they were there at all.

Combined with sophisticated climate monitoring and automation, these blinds can become a living element of the façade that contributes to internal comfort. Colour options can be used to match or contrast other elements of the façade depending on the desired design aesthetic.

It’s all in the detail – best ways to hide your windows

Smart shading is not always about concealing blinds – it can also be about celebrating it. For bold and monolithic buildings, motorised bi-fold screens can be used as an integrated element of the facade. Standard cladding options are available, as well as the ability to use matching or contrasting materials.

motorised bi-fold screens

Shading Screen

This way, the shading screen is not designed to disappear, but cleverly reveals an uninterrupted façade or window that you can control as you press a button, allowing you to control the light to suit your requirements.

From a design perspective, the screen performs architecturally and intentionally with what connects it to the building and therefore becomes an integral part of the building, rather than an afterthought.

Retractable Shading Solutions for Asymmetric Windows

Blinds can also be specified to work with tricky triangular windows or oddly-shaped spaces that require smart engineering and problem-solving. Warema’s external Venetian blinds range is customisable for asymmetric windows.  Again, the blinds can be retracted into custom-made pelmets, keeping the building’s architecture pure. The more irregular the shade space, the better the challenge for our team to resolve it with a solution that looks seamless, but is also high performing.

Retractable Shading Solutions

Find your blind space with Blindspace

Finally, you can showcase your electric blinds internally, but hide all the messy componentry using our blind concealment solution, Blindspace. Blindspace is a range of ‘Plaster In’ aluminium boxes that allow roller blinds to be completely concealed when closed. There are several box sizes available, including solutions for double blinds, and the blinds can be serviced and replaced by removing the clever hinging cover panel from below. A curtain track recess solution is also available so that curtain tracks finish flush with the ceiling or window reveal.

Best of all, these solutions can all link to your larger home automation system. Not only will this add absolute flexibility to future-proof your home, but it will also help you to create total comfort year-round.

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