Revolutionising Office Design: Saniflo's Greywater Pump Solution for Urban Workspaces

Professional workspace design is constantly evolving to suit the changing needs of employees, new layouts breath fresh air into aging spaces. A big part of these changes involves the relocation of office kitchenettes. Typically, kitchenettes are restricted to stay close to the core of building, however this is not always suitable for desired design.



This was the problem faced by 3 tenancies In the heart of Auckland’s CBD, at popular commercial highrise 34 Shortland Street. The tenancies recently underwent new office fit-outs, which included brand new kitchenettes. In each of these instances, the kitchenettes were to be placed in locations where there was limited access to traditional gravity plumbing.

new office fit-outs

As the office building is fully tenanted, the work had to be completed with absolutely minimal disruption to adjacent tenancies, meaning there could be no noise, dust, or water loss to neighbouring amenities. This combined with the limited access to the existing gravity plumbing meant that a unique solution was needed.After consulting Saniflo SFA, the contractors specified the Sanifast greywater pump.

Sanifast provided the perfect pumping solution in place of gravity plumbing with each unit able to pump wastewater from the new kitchenettes to the old wastewater mains, all without the need to disrupt neighbouring tenancies during the building works. Each of the three Sanifast greywater pumps were paired with a Sanialarm Interlock to provide tenants with added peace of mind in the event of an issue.

Sanifast provided the perfect pumping solution

“The Sanifast greywater pump has been designed for busy office kitchenettes and with its easy plug and play connectivity to a Sanialarm Interlock alarm system, it’s an ideal plumbing solution for this innercity office project. The addition of the Sanialarm interlock provides tenants with the necessary peace of mind against potential flooding.”

– Andrew Roberts, Hydraulics Plus


Sanifast is a powerful and compact greywater pump, which is ideal for light commercial use. The unit is designed to receive and pump away waste water from a dishwasher and kitchen sink, handling temperatures between 40 – 75 degrees, making it ideal for busy office kitchens.


Sanifast uses small internal float switches to detect wastewater levels, which it then pumps up to 7m vertically, 100m horizontally, or a lesser combination of both. The easy to service pump ensures businesses can operate with minimal disruption and comes complete with a built in high level alarm, large tank capacity and an integrated carbon filter and anti flood valve. Additionally, the Sanifast can be connected to the Sanialarm interlock for added peace of mind and water and power isolation.

Saniflo SFA greywater pumps allow plumbing fixtures to be installed in areas where access to waste water pipes and conventional gravity drainage is limited, increasing the design possibilities for installing additional facilities in existing buildings.

Saniflo SFA greywater pumps


  • Plug and Play connectivity to optional external Sanialarm Interlock for water and power isolation
  • Built in high level alarm
  • Integrated carbon filter and anti flood valve
  • Ease of service design with no pipework connections on lid to hinder removal

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Revolutionising Office Design: Saniflo's Greywater Pump Solution for Urban Workspaces

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