Peace of Mind with Smart Leak Detection Tech

In Australia, the average insurance claim for water damage in the residential sector has increased by 72% between 2015 and 2020 to just over $30,000 per annum, according to insurance company Chubb’s Get Smart About Water Leaks report.

On top of that, the report also outlines how water damage is much more prevalent when compared to other insurance claims such as fire or burglary.


It’s clearly a big issue that needs addressing and I’m sure we’ve all experienced the dread of thinking ‘holy crap, did I leave the tap on?’ Whether it be a small drip or running stream, it’s not great.

Because of this, several technology companies have developed smart leak detection solutions.

There are two different ways this technology works, one sits above the water mains and monitors the water pressure, alerting the homeowner when it thinks something’s wrong, while other solutions can be physically installed into the piping and can shut off all water to the house.

Hero Labs launched the SONIC solution in 2019. It’s an AI-powered pressure and temperature sensor with an automatic water shutoff valve.

“Sonic is installed just after the main stopcock in the property and is fitted with a number of sensors that measure flow, pressure and both pipe and ambient temperature,” Hero Labs commercial director Hamish Neale said.

“Using machine learning, we build up a picture of what is normal within the property, and if anything abnormal is detected we can, depending on user settings, either send a push notification to the mobile application or turn the water off automatically.”

But if homeowners want something a little less invasive, solutions like the Smart Home Water Monitor from StreamLabs are an alternative. It sits above the pipes (no cutting required) and can detect a loss of pressure through ultrasonic tech to find leaks.

Additionally, it connects to voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant to make checking for leaks even easier.

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Peace of Mind with Smart Leak Detection Tech

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