Suro: Where Nature Meets Modern Design

The Suro Collection from Tribu is a promise to continue the brand’s legacy of crafting beautiful and durable designer outdoor furniture since 1966. This stunning collection by designer Christophe Delcourt seamlessly merges sophistication with comfort, redefining outdoor relaxation with a harmonious blend of premium materials, natural aesthetics and modern design.



Christophe Delcourt, a self-taught designer who emerged on the French furniture scene in the late 1990s, has a passion for exploring new possibilities with his design practice, allowing him to create innovative yet timeless designs. In conceiving the design for his latest collection, Delcourt draws inspiration from the delicate beauty of nature, evident in the material choices and the exquisite blooming shapes and organic tones throughout.

Defined by curved lines, the seating arrangements feature rounded solid teak legs serving as sturdy foundations for the armchairs, lounge chair and sofa. These pieces also feature intricately woven cord over a contoured aluminum. This sculptural-like design of the back and arm rests create a shape reminiscent of blooming flower petals, creating a relaxing cocoon-like seating experience. The combination of earthy tones in the organic linen rope and the warm hues of natural timber deepen Suro’s bond with nature. This fusion creates a harmonious palette that fosters an atmosphere of connection and tranquility.

The cord used – Trizo rope – is made from HDP material (High-Density Polyethylene) and is a highly durbale, water- and mould-resistant material suitable for various environments. Trizo rope is colourfast and mass-coloured, a process in which the colouring pigment is added to the raw material before the rope is extruded or formed. This means that the entire cross-section of the rope is uniformly coloured, resulting in a consistent colour throughout the rope’s structure, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Cushions in the Suro collection are designed to provide both comfort and resilience against outdoor elements. While the cushions resemble the soft feel of those seen indoors, the filling has a cover made of laminated, water-repellent polypropylene material, which prevents water absorption. Innovative details such as the stitched seams with swelling threads further reinforce water resistance, while breathable fabric prevents moisture build-up, averting mould formation.

Contrasting the graceful curves that make up the seating options, the dining table stands as a robust figure. Crafted from solid teak, the tabletop is composed of rectangular teak wood slats arranged in varying widths. The table exudes warmth and a rustic quality on its own, while brass a material detailing adds a sophisticated touch, affirming its dynamic and contemporary design.

The brass details work, not only to enhance aesthetic appeal, but serve a practical function by enabling seamless connection between multiple tables. This smart feature opens up an endless extension of possibilities, allowing for versatile arrangements tailored to individual needs.

Working cohesively, the collection creates a striking visual contrast with the deliberate juxtaposition of rounded and linear forms, instantly capturing attention in any outdoor setting. Effortlessly embracing the essence of outdoor living, this latest collection from Tribu and collaboration with Christophe Delacourt stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to crafting timeless and elegant designs.

To explore how Suro can enhance an outdoor space with refined elegance and relaxation, visit Cosh Living

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Suro: Where Nature Meets Modern Design

The Suro Collection from Tribu is a promise to continue the brand's legacy of crafting beautiful and durable ...

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