Moisture Management for Builders and Architects

Insulation has been used for generations and it’s still one of the most reliable ways to keep Australian homes healthy, comfortable and climate-friendly. Australians spend nearly 90% of their time indoors but many homes have been compared to tents in terms of their insulation and comfort as they can be cold, prone to mould and costly to maintain.



The National Construction Code (NCC) 2022 contains a pivotal update that highlights the use of vapour-permeable membranes in cooler climate zones for moisture management and energy efficiency.

“The NCC 2022 revisions represent the industry’s commitment to creating healthier living environments,” Bradford Insulation head of product development Warren Stewart says.

“By expanding the use of vapour permeable membranes to more climate zones, we are reducing the risk of potential moisture-related issues and improving the long-term durability of home design.”

For builders and architects, wall wraps are not just an additional layer in construction; they are an essential protective shield against the challenges of moisture. Wall wraps like Bradford’s Enviroseal are designed to act as a water barrier to external moisture, ensuring that the building’s interior remains dry.

Additionally, wall wraps and insulation go hand in hand. By ensuring that the insulation remains dry, wall wraps not only bolster its performance but also extend its lifespan. This synergy ensures that buildings remain both energy-efficient and structurally sound.

“Enviroseal vapour permeable membranes, externally positioned on the building frame restrict the ingress of external water while allowing the building to breathe,” Warren explains.

“With high vapour permeability and high water and air hold-out, Enviroseal wraps complement the permeability of Bradford insulation products by helping to provide a dry, draught-free and durable home.”

For builders and architects aiming for excellence, they should keep an eye on the material selection and precision in installation. The material selection is important because builders need to select the correct insulation and wall wraps that align with the relevant climatic challenges. Installation is key to ensure that the solution is well-sealed and all potential moisture ingress points are eliminated.

The Bradford Enviroseal solutions aim to give Australian building professionals a way to ensure buildings remain resilient, energy-efficient and habitable.

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Moisture Management for Builders and Architects

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