Umbrellas for Summer

Summer is here and along with it comes spending most of our days outdoors with friends and family. We all love a blue sky and a light breeze – but here in Australia, our sun can be unforgiving.

We receive much higher amounts of UV radiation than Europe or the USA, and too much sun exposure can do serious damage to our skin.


The addition outdoor umbrella on your deck, backyard or patio this summer can help to protect you and your loved ones from harsh rays. Enjoying the outdoors all afternoon without the danger of prolonged sun exposure.

Side Pole Umbrella 3x3m 

At Cosh Living, the team represent luxurious Belgian brand Jardinico, who specialise in high quality umbrellas for residential homes, hotels and resorts. With more than 15 years of experience, Jardinico combine style and functionality to produce a range of umbrellas that suit every home.

There are two main styles of umbrella to decide between, based on your needs. A Centre Pole umbrella and a Cantilever or ‘Side Pole’ umbrella.

Caractere Centre Pole Umbrella

A centre pole is the classic style most would imagine when picturing an outdoor umbrella – a single, straight pole topped by a canopy, and grounded by a base. This style of umbrella works perfectly to protect you from overhead sunshine at the hottest parts of the day. With wheels on the base, you can move the umbrella to the desired location.

The Caractere Centre Pole Umbrella 

It is important to keep in mind that the centre pole umbrella may not cover you when the sun is low in the sky. If you have a garden space or courtyard which is protected on the sides by walls, or fences – the sun may disappear from view in the afternoon, so the centre pole may be all you need. Thankfully this low sun is not the hot, scorching rays, but it will still be radiating UV.

The Caractere Centre Pole Umbrella 

The Centre Poles are available in a range of stylish, monochromatic tones. Shop here.

Caractere Side Pole Umbrella

If you have an open outdoor space which receives a lot of sun throughout the day, you may be better served with a cantilever or ‘Side Pole’ umbrella. These umbrellas feature a large base with a pole that reaches to one side. The canopy cantilevers out, and allows maximum shade without the interference of a pole.

Caractere Side Pole umbrella using it’s left/right tilt function to create shade.

The Caractere Side Pole umbrella by Jardinico is highly flexible. Sitting on a base with lockable wheels, you can move to where it is needed at any time. The most popular canopy size is 3m x 3m fully open, and is enough to cover a large dining setting our lounge area. The Caractere can spin 360 degrees on the base, just push the lever with your foot and spin. One of the most exciting features of this umbrella is that the 3m canopy can also tilt left and right. Using the handle on the pole, the canopy tilts – being able to shade you from those lower rays coming in from the sides! The canopy can also be moved up and down, and locked anywhere on the pole.

The Caractere is now available in a contemporary base option – a beautiful grey granite.

No pole in the middle of these two loungers to get in the way of the view! The Caractere Side Pole umbrella  in White/Graumel colourway.

Wherever the sun is – Cosh Living outdoor umbrellas have you covered. All materials are tested for water exposure, UV resilience, mould and mildew resistance.

If your umbrella is by the ocean or pool – chlorine and sea salt will need to be regularly removed with a hose or bucket of water to keep it looking great and functioning at its best.

All of the above umbrellas are on wheels, and must be locked at all times when not in the process of being moved.

If you need assistance choosing the right umbrella for your home, get in touch with the friendly showroom staff here. Visit the five showrooms Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and two locations in Melbourne, Richmond and Cheltenham.

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