Sustainable Windows

For Miglas Windows, sustainability is not just a goal but a fundamental part of the business philosophy. Dedicated to offering environmentally responsible products without compromising on quality or performance, Miglas incorporate eco-friendly practices throughout the entire process, from designing and sourcing raw materials and manufacturing.



Aluminium Sourcing
Aluminium is sourced exclusively through the Green Aluminium Scheme, reducing carbon output by an impressive 75 percent. This sustainable sourcing ensures durability and environmental responsibility.

Glass Sourcing
Miglas prioritise local sourcing for its glass, which comes from Australia’s only glass manufacturer. This not only guarantees high quality but also minimises transportation emissions.

Timber Sourcing
The timber used in the frames is sourced from PEFC certified forests. This certification ensures that Miglas’ timber products come from responsibly managed forests, meeting stringent sustainability standards.

Optimal Manufacturing
Miglas Windows is committed to reducing waste and landfill impact during production. The manufacturing processes are designed to optimise material usage, minimise waste generation and maximise recycling efforts. By focusing on efficient manufacturing practices, this ensures that its environmental footprint remains as small as possible.

Solar-Powered Operations
The manufacturing facility operates primarily on solar energy, offsetting approximately 16.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per month. This commitment to renewable energy helps to maintain a low carbon footprint throughout the production process.

Eco-Friendly Logistics
Miglas prioritises sustainability in transportation as well. The delivery trucks are powered by bio-diesel, further reducing emissions associated with operations.

Throughout the entire production process, Miglas’ core ethos of sustainability is incorporated. From the materials, through manufacturing and all the way to how the windows are transported, you can be sure that Miglas is being mindful of its footprint on the environment.

Visit Miglas Windows to find out how Miglas can support your sustainable building projects.

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Sustainable Windows

For Miglas Windows, sustainability is not just a goal but a fundamental part of the business philosophy. Dedicated ...

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