Timber is Making a Comeback

For a calm vibe, Paarhammer offers the perfect solution for your windows and doors.



We know timber adds warmth and personality to a home. Even designs that identify as industrial or ultra-modern will include timber accents to add a touch of warmth and help generate a sense of personal connection. This is because humans respond positively to wood due to its visually warm aesthetic and the way it helps generate a positive, relaxed atmosphere. To maximise benefits, many architects are now using timber windows and doors as a natural building material in their designs. Together with natural light and an outlook to nature, this creates the ultimate calm for your home environment.

The allure of natural environments like forests, parks and gardens is called “biophilia”, which encompasses a sense of relaxation and reduction in stress reactivity in the nervous system. It’s not just anecdotal; studies have shown exposed timber in buildings can reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate, improving overall emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. In addition to these benefits, wood contributes to humidity regulation, controls air-borne contaminants and emits very few, if any, harmful vapours.

But there are many other reasons to choose timber windows and doors. Because timber is a bad conductor, it has 2000 times the resistance to heat transfer than aluminium — windows and doors made from timber are perfect for energy efficiency. Put simply, your home will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, making for a more comfortable indoor environment without temperature fluctuations and saving on energy costs, especially if combined with insulating glass units like double- or triple-glazing.

Established in 1990, Paarhammer, Australia’s leading local windows and doors manufacturer, is motivated by a mission to increase energy efficiency in housing, and comfort for occupants, through custom-made double- and triple-glazed windows and doors. The company offers a variety of custom-made windows and doors in different ranges, with the entry ranges “Komfortline” and “Komfort+” both featuring double-glazing as standard.

Made in Australia from imported American Oak timber which is legally harvested and Australian glass with patened German hardware, they can either be paint-ready for you to put on the final touches or finished in stains or solid colours of your choice. They can be made to fit any size, from large to small and unique, to help let in light. It is worth pointing out that the primers, paints and stains used in Paarhammer products are all very low in VOCs, making them even friendlier to the environment and to your health. Plus, since all the timber is sustainably sourced, you’re reducing your environmental footprint by using a natural, renewable product.

Paarhammer timber windows and doors offer a fantastic way for savvy homeowners or builders to add value to a home, achieve superior energy savings and comfort, and create a Zen-like environment that’s good for health and wellbeing. It’s as easy as choosing beautiful and long-lasting windows and doors made of timber for long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.

For more information visit paarhammer.com.au

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