Enhancing Aquatic Centres with Staron Solid Surfaces: A Durable and Hygienic Solution

When it comes to building aquatic centres, it’s important to consider products that can endure the day-to-day high traffic consistent within these types of fit-outs. Wet area applications can limit the selection of materials available for specification during the design phase. In time, even various water-resistant products can show adverse effects from the saturation of moisture.



Aquatic environments also require special attention to hygiene and products that offer easy maintenance. Staron Solid Surfaces® are not only used to create benchtops and other typical joinery, but they are also used to create sinks, shower wall linings, shower seats, and other applications within wet spaces.

For this aquatic centre, Staron plays an integral part in providing comfortable seating within the space. It also extends to other key areas, as Staron was used for additional joinery items.

With its beautiful, seemingly moulded design, there are no silicone junctions, grout, or open joints to trap moisture, which ultimately becomes a downfall in these types of projects. These long, custom-designed seats exemplify the malleability of Staron Solid Surfaces. Crafted into elongated, monolithic seating, they stand as an impressive example of the capabilities of Staron Solid Surfaces. The surface itself offers a pleasant, silky-smooth texture to the touch, contrasting with the cold and hard feel often associated with stone and tiles.

custom-designed seats exemplify the malleability of Staron Solid Surface

When manufacturing Staron into projects like this, it is important that all substrates are evaluated to ensure they can be utilised in these types of environments. For these seats, Staron has been clad to stainless steel subframes, and the Staron sits just above the floor to eliminate wicking within the application.

Austaron Surfaces

The rejuvenation abilities of Staron Solid Surfaces mean that these seats can be renewed in the long term, should the need arise. The seating creates a nice feature implemented around the perimeter of the room and provides a durable and aesthetically pleasing seating solution. A zero-silica surface, Staron is easy to work with and does not pose a health risk in the manufacturing process.

The rejuvenation abilities of Staron Solid Surfaces

Manufactured by Lotte Chemical, Staron Solid Surfaces have been available within Australia from Austaron Surfaces for 21 years and globally recognised since 1992.  To learn more about the features and benefits of Staron, book an informal presentation or schedule a formal CPD presentation.

Manufactured by Lotte Chemical, Staron Solid Surfaces have been available

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Austaron Surfaces

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