Brick-Moulded Brilliance: Telugu Medium by Sona Reddy Studio

Telugu Medium, a new hospitality gem in Hyderabad, India, is making waves with its stunning architectural design by Sona Reddy Studio.

This 5,200 sqft restaurant in Jubilee Hills is not just a culinary destination but a testament to innovative design marrying tradition and modernity.


At the heart of Telugu Medium’s charm are its brick-moulded vaulted ceilings, crafted by Sona Reddy Studio to evoke a sense of grandeur and cultural heritage. These ceilings are not just aesthetic additions but functional marvels, contributing to a passively cooler interior that suits Hyderabad’s arid climate. By using indigenous materials like massive brick domes and load-bearing walls, the architects have minimized reliance on concrete and steel, demonstrating a sustainable approach to architecture.

The restaurant’s exterior facade is equally captivating, featuring exposed Karimnagar bricks that add texture and character. Concrete planter boxes and alfresco spaces paved in brick seamlessly connect the building with its surroundings, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Upon entering Telugu Medium, guests are greeted with a dual-leveled restaurant bathed in natural light, thanks to a double-height atrium. The interplay of brick-moulded ceilings, silhouette lighting, and contemporary furniture creates an ever-changing ambiance that reflects the essence of the Deccan region.

Sona Reddy Studio’s attention to detail extends to every aspect of the interior design, from scaling concrete columns to pink lime plaster-washed walls and textured tandoor flooring. The use of locally sourced materials like pink granite and black limestone tiles adds a touch of authenticity to the space, enhancing its luxurious yet rustic appeal.

Telugu Medium is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of South Indian dining culture and architectural innovation. Sona Reddy Studio’s ability to blend traditional elements with modern design sensibilities has created a space that is as inviting as it is impressive, redefining the gastronomic landscape of Hyderabad.

Images by Pankaj Anand via Designboom

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