Building and construction moving into 2020

Sharing insights into global construction, digital engineering company Asite takes a look at the building trends set to shape 2020.

Given the introduction of new technologies and equipment, changing skill requirements, increasing demand for innovation, not to mention a viral pandemic, what will the global landscape of the building and construction industry look like going forward?


Asite’s mission to “become the global leader in digital engineering by integrating supply chains for capital projects and infrastructure developments worldwide”, has prompted the release of global construction report examining growing trends for 2020.

“The construction sector is one of the largest in the world economy. Due to its sheer magnitude and different layers, transformation takes time. So, when a threat or an opportunity appears, how does the industry come together to approach the situation, share its successes and build an ecosystem in which to thrive?” states the report from Asite.

According to its website: “[Building Resilience: Rethinking our Approach to Construction] examines the first quarter of the year and explores the shape of the 2020 construction market, providing an insight into expected trends set to make the biggest impact. From the rise in the adoption of smart building technologies in the USA and the growth of modular construction in India to taking a deep dive into some of the world’s most innovative and bold projects, this snapshot report delves into some of the most exciting developments of this year. COVID-19 is one of the biggest threats this world has faced. This report sheds some initial light on its impact on the entire construction sphere and its effect on the rate of uptake on some of the outlined trends“.

The detailed report from Asite indicates the dominant trend projected in the Asia-Pacific region was infrastructure growth and investment, which is also occurring in the Middle East and Europe. However, as things currently stand, it is unclear whether this trend will continue. If it does, there will be a rise in the use of smart technology, urbanisation, and overall industry growth. However, given the current Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 could see a very different outlook for 2020, one that the industry needs to consider and prepare themselves for.

In more encouraging news, Australia’s construction industry looks to regain its growth momentum, which has been attributed to continued investment in the nation’s infrastructure. This should in turn support growth in other sectors of the industry.

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