Christian de Portzamparc unveils spectacular 'Resin Shells' facade for Dior's Geneva store

Christian de Portzamparc has unveiled a stunning architectural masterpiece in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland, as the new Dior flagship store stands adorned with innovative “resin shells.”

The renowned French architect, a recipient of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize, has once again pushed the boundaries of design, creating a unique and captivating exterior for the luxury fashion brand.


The store’s facade is a harmonious blend of artistry and functionality, featuring six interweaving “petals” that encase the building like delicate yet robust shells. These elements, reminiscent of fabrics used in Dior’s creations, rise from the base of the structure, gradually widening towards their centres before elegantly tapering towards the roofline. This design choice not only adds visual interest but also creates a dynamic and fluid silhouette for the building.

Between these veils, the glass walls let the sun’s rays penetrate in a captivating interplay of light and shade, a poetic dialogue between the inside and outside,” Dior said. “At night, the lighting appears to filter – through the elegant resin shells – transforming the building into a majestic urban lantern.”

What sets this Dior flagship store apart is its seamless integration of exterior and interior spaces. Floor-to-ceiling openings strategically placed throughout the facade offer glimpses into the six floors within, enticing passers-by with enticing views of the meticulously curated interiors. Display cases thoughtfully adorn the street level, showcasing Dior’s exquisite offerings and inviting customers into a world of luxury and sophistication.

Stepping inside, visitors are greeted with a carefully crafted interior that mirrors Dior’s timeless elegance. Neutral-toned surfaces and warm wood panelling provide a sophisticated backdrop for the vibrant colours and patterns of Dior’s spring-summer 2024 collection. Built-in display cases with sleek shelves and glass cabinets add a touch of modernity, perfectly illuminated by gallery-style lighting fixtures that enhance the overall ambiance.

The interior design of the boutique reflects a harmonious blend of comfort and style, with plush seating complemented by bespoke pieces from renowned designers such as Stefan Leo Atelier and Hamrei. Every aspect of the space has been meticulously curated to offer an immersive and luxurious shopping experience for Dior’s discerning clientele.

Christian de Portzamparc’s visionary approach to architecture has once again captured the essence of Dior’s brand identity, creating a landmark destination that celebrates the intersection of fashion, design, and art in the heart of Geneva.

Images by Jonathan Taylor via Dezeen

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