GIGI Studios unveils innovative HQ designed by Isern Serra

In a dynamic move away from traditional office environments, GIGI Studios, the Barcelona-based eyewear powerhouse renowned for its handcrafted designs, has recently unveiled its new headquarters.

Designed by the visionary architect Isern Serra, the headquarters stands as a testament to GIGI Studios’ commitment to innovation and creativity.


The brainchild of Patricia Ramo, GIGI Studios’ CEO and creative director, the new headquarters spans nearly 1,000 square meters, embodying the brand’s core values of contemporary sophistication and creativity. Ramo’s vision was to create a space that felt like a blend of home (Domus) and museum, inviting employees into a realm where functionality meets artistic expression.

Serra’s design philosophy focused on breaking away from conventional office layouts, opting instead for an expansive and collaborative environment. By strategically placing service areas at the centre and eliminating unnecessary barriers, the design fosters seamless interaction and teamwork among employees. The office features custom-made furniture that not only serves practical purposes but also doubles as captivating works of art, stimulating creativity and imagination.

Natural light plays a pivotal role in the design scheme, with the architecture harnessing the morning sun’s warmth in the kitchen area and creating mesmerizing light patterns in the showroom during the afternoon. The central core of the office is adorned with stainless steel circular niches, showcasing prototypes and materials like pieces in an avant-garde exhibit.

The headquarters is divided into distinctive areas, each designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Open Space 01 boasts a striking circular stainless steel sofa that doubles as a collaborative hub and work area, surrounded by design books and innovative work tables. Open Space 02, on the other hand, features a unique C-shaped bench with adjustable privacy curtains, embodying the brand’s focus on craftsmanship and tradition.

The showroom, a focal point of the headquarters, exudes a minimalist elegance that allows GIGI Studios’ eyewear collection to shine. Sculptural concrete tables and a backlit cabinet accentuate the products, while a mirrored cabinet discreetly conceals modern technology for presentations and events.

The seamless integration of spaces, from the kitchen to the individual offices and meeting rooms, showcases a holistic approach to modern workspace design. With its blend of functionality, artistry, and a nod to tradition, GIGI Studios’ new headquarters is poised to inspire and drive innovation in the realms of design and eyewear craftsmanship.

Images by Salva López via Designboom

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