Home Studios' nautical transformation of Nantucket's maritime gem

Brooklyn-based design studio Home Studios has set sail on a captivating design journey, breathing new life into a trio of hospitality spaces on Nantucket Island.

The Pearl restaurant, The Boarding House bar, and Below the Rose lounge, all nestled under one roof at 12 Federal Street, Nantucket, have been revitalized with a maritime touch, creating a unique and cohesive experience for visitors.


Home Studios’ mission was clear – to infuse each space with its own distinct character while maintaining a seamless visual connection throughout. The result is a design that not only pays homage to Nantucket’s rich maritime heritage but also immerses guests in an enchanting underwater world, akin to a cinematic masterpiece.
“The Pearl and its offshoot spaces are beloved Nantucket institutions, so Home Studios identified the goal as continuing the existing story and tradition: to reinterpret it, not rewrite it; polishing and refining its origin story,” said the studio, which took two years to complete the project.

The transformation of The Pearl restaurant is a testament to Home Studios’ creative prowess. Bathed in natural light, the main dining area exudes warmth with a palette of soft whites and soothing beiges. These serene tones are beautifully juxtaposed with cooler blues, reminiscent of the island’s crystal-clear waters. The use of glossy tiles cladding the chimney stacks introduces both texture and a subtle sheen, evoking the glistening sea under the sun. The white oak tables and chairs have soft, contemporary shapes that contrast the rigid, colonial-era architectural details.

Moving beyond The Pearl, guests are welcomed into The Boarding House bar, a maritime haven of its own. Here, Home Studios has masterfully combined elements of Nantucket’s coastal charm with contemporary design elements. Rich wooden textures and nautical accents invite patrons to relax and unwind in a setting that pays homage to the island’s seafaring history.

For The Boarding House revamp, Home Studios looked to the island’s maritime history for influences. “We approached the spatial design as if it were an ocean filled with unfamiliar creatures, textures, and forms,” said studio founder Oliver Haslegrave. “It’s dark and moody, and full of character and unique detailing.” Darker earth tones decorate one of the private dining spaces, which includes a lounge area with leather and bouclé seating, and a selection of vintage furniture pieces.

But the true underwater spectacle awaits below deck in the Below the Rose lounge. This subterranean wonderland transports guests to a mesmerizing aquatic realm. The design captures the essence of an underwater adventure, with carefully curated lighting, textures, and materials that mimic the ocean’s depths. It’s a place where visitors can immerse themselves in a surreal aquatic world while savouring their favourite libations.

Home Studios’ revamp of these Nantucket hospitality spaces is nothing short of a maritime masterpiece. By skilfully weaving together maritime references and contemporary design, they have created an unforgettable experience that celebrates the island’s heritage while offering a fresh perspective. Nantucket’s 12 Federal Street has transformed into a destination where the allure of the sea meets the elegance of design, inviting travellers and locals alike to embark on a captivating journey through its maritime-inspired spaces.

Images by Matt Kisiday via Dezeen

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