Popping neon orange accents for futuristic dining spot

Bright, lively, and popping with neon accents is ‘FAT & COI’ is a new dining space completed by S5 design in Zhangzhou, China. Its eye-catching theme colours — gray-green and bright orange — nod to the famous tile-based game known as ‘Mahjong’ and appear to collide within the space, breathing life into every corner.

Complementing the chromatic mix is a futuristic aesthetic made up of mirrored ceilings paired with different types of lighting and highly modern material.


‘The linear lighting design is interspersed with white glass tiles, echoing the ‘hip’ spirit favoured by young people. The creative use of mirrors and linear elements, with green and orange tones, triggers visual contrasts while bringing a sense of motion to the space,’ states S5 design.

S5 incorporated an open pick-up counter alluding to a futuristic service station; visitors get the impression of breaking into a bright orange space base, creating a fully immersive sci-fi moment when stepping inside.

Meanwhile, the self-service area is set at the center of the restaurant, elevated by a neon transmission crawler and stainless steel wall with a ripple pattern playfully reflecting shadow and light. Right above, the mirrored ceiling dramatically reflects the interiors, instantly raising the sense of sophistication.

Completing the interiors is the upholstered seating design, seemingly rising from the gray-green flooring, and a striking chandelier exuding strong visual power. ‘The high-hanging Chinese character elements, bright neon pillars, conveyor crawlers, and mechanical arms throughout will undoubtedly turn the ‘FAT & COI’ restaurant into a new hotspot,’ concludes the team.

Images by Chen Ming via Designboom

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