Porcelain Panels a ‘must’ in post-COVID construction

Design opportunities using MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels just got even more exciting, with five new designs added to Artedomus’ already large and varied range.

But here’s the exciting part for those renovating and building in a post-COVID environment. All the MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels are available with Active 2.0, a revolutionary photocatalytic coating that offers a permanent solution that won’t wear out or wear off and is suitable for internal, external, floor and wall usage.


Active 2.0 is antibacterial, anti-odour and antiviral, including against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (responsible for COVID-19). A major study by the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milan verified that Active 2.0 can eliminate 94 per cent of SARS-CoV-2 after only four hours of exposure to low intensity UV light.* Active 2.0 also reduces indoor nitrogen oxide and VOC levels, and its self-cleaning properties ensure ease of maintenance.

The five new designs and finishes come in a range of styles and themes to suit any project –

Fiandre is renowned for producing designs that replicate natural stone. Offering a beautiful and practical surface, its five new designs for MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels are timeless, distinctive and versatile, while providing exceptional strength and low-maintenance requirements.

Verde Alpi is a surface of unquestionable elegance with an intense green background and light and dark areas illuminated by white veins. The bright finish adds depth to the colour and enhances its texture. The recreation of specific marble details and the high definition of design make the surfaces truly stunning, and a distinctive choice for kitchen splashbacks, benchtops and cabinetry; receptions, lobbies and foyers; as well as cladding and flooring. (Available in 6mm and 12mm thickness.)

Bleu Di Savoie is inspired by the Romans, by order of Emperor Augustus, extracted marble to construct the consular road connecting Po Valley to Gaul. It has a grey background with almost blue-like shading, and white and pale grey veining. It is available with semi-polished or polished finish and is a subtle and elegant choice for flooring, cladding and other applications such as stairs, tabletops, kitchens and vanities. (Available in 6mm thickness.)

Apuano has a white background interspersed with the lightest grey veins that fade into shaded areas.

The marble whiteness catches the eye and brings light and airiness to spaces. Apuano has versatile use and broad appeal and is available in a bright or honed finish. It can be used in large expanses for cladding or flooring, or for refined detailed such as stairs, doors, consoles, seats, tables and lamps.(Available in 6mm thickness.)

Royal Platinum has a grey background with green and silver tones, and delicate dark and light veining that enriches is colour and texture. This gives the classic shade depth, movement and timeless elegance. (Available in 6mm and 12mm thickness.)

Urban White is a timeless colour with a light grey background and bright white areas illuminated with soft veining. The versatile design is perfect for classical and contemporary spaces and buildings, and internal and external applications. (Available in 6mm and 12mm thickness.)

MAXIMUM Porcelain Panels are suited for interior surfaces and details and exterior façade cladding thanks to its light weight, easy installation and low-maintenance requirements. The extra-large, fine-profile, lightweight panels have exceptional strength, durability and resistance. The large-format panels are of unparalleled size (up to 3000-by-1500 millimetres), and the fine profile (6, 9 and 12 millimetres) is thinner than most benchtops. They also resist staining and etching and are completely UV stable.

Via Artedomus


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