Silvia Garcia Camps: "Nobody creates, we just borrow and mix"

‘What if?’ is a series of collages by Silvia Garcia Camps analysing the idea that nothing is really new, but simply borrowed and combined. Visualising the notion that nobody invents anything, they just take and mix, the project answers the question, ‘What would have happened, what projects would have been created, if different architects had teamed up to work together?’

Silvia Garcia Camps

Silvia Garcia Camps


She points to the Parthenon in Athens as the root of most architectural trends and argues that ‘creators’ take elements from a number of sources to inform their designs, which are ultimately a ‘culmination and reinterpretation of the works that came before it’. It is a fascinating look at design, and one full of inspiration.

Silvia Garcia Camps

Silvia Garcia Camps

Via ArchDaily

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