Furnware Group

At the Furnware Group, we know you’re looking for the best of design and innovation in cabinet hardware.

We also know you need the best in price, with a lifetime warranty and a guaranteed delivery time, to make sure your workday stays hassle-free.

It’s more important to us than ever before that working with the Furnware Group is as simple, rewarding and hassle-free. We hope you love collaborating with us on leading-edge design ideas and innovations from around the world, sourced and made with the best products.

Bringing you the latest, quality products, at the best prices is important. The new Furnware Group has been relaunched to make us better at our mission: helping your business prosper.
Let’s grow together.


Domus Line Flexyled AT6

Salice Exedra Pocket Door System

Momo Belgravia Solid Brass Handles

Domus Line Flexyled SE H4

Momo Premium Liberty Range

Flush and Flexible Lighting

D Motion range from Domus Line

Handles of Distinction | Momo Handles

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