A Seamless Blend of Nature and Illumination

Within the world of contemporary lighting, Vibia Palma emerges as a paragon of inventive design and artistic ingenuity. The Palma Collection, now available at Koda Lighting, is crafted by the imaginative mind of Antoni Arola. The fixtures marry fundamental, understated shapes with natural elements and the ethereal essence of light.



Comprised of the Palma Wall Ceiling Light and Palma Wall Sconce, the collection seamlessly marries the allure of suspended gardens with indoor luminosity.

A Harmony of Botanical Beauty and Radiance

Palma’s design drew inspiration from the time-honoured concept of hanging gardens, where light and verdant life intertwine seamlessly. Arola’s muse reflects a desire to unite light and nature in a manner that mimics the rhythms of the natural world. The Palma Wall Ceiling Light showcases two radiant semi-circles of blown opal glass, connected by an aluminum belt, evoking the curvature of the Earth. This organic design acts as a canvas for plant life to thrive along its axis, transforming interiors into immersive, verdant landscapes.

Bringing Nature Indoors

The collection ventures beyond convention by seamlessly integrating flora into indoor lighting compositions, challenging traditional notions of interior design. The Palma Wall Sconce epitomises the hanging gardens concept, offering various scales with or without planters. Blown glass orbs, enlivened by energy-efficient LED innovation, elevate the design, casting a gentle and inviting luminosity.

Arola envisions Palma as a dynamic landscape project that unfolds over time, particularly during the winter months, when daylight wanes, and outdoor greenery is scarce. The result is a cultivation of an indoor garden as a haven—a connection to the natural world.

Versatility in Design

The adaptability of the collection shines through in its capacity to be arranged in diverse configurations. Multiple Palma lamps and plant adornments can be artfully combined in both vertical and horizontal arrays, providing a customisable and adaptable indoor landscape. This seamless integration of light and vegetation can ascend a wall or dangle overhead from nearly imperceptible cables, fashioning a captivating and dynamic visual spectacle.

Vibia Palma transcends the confines of conventional lighting design, presenting a distinctive fusion of nature and luminance. Antoni Arola’s imaginative approach brings the allure of hanging gardens into the home, enriching living spaces with a sense of well-being and repose. The Palma Collection serves as a testament to the potency of design in elevating the surroundings, seamlessly merging fundamental forms, natural components and the ethereality of light.

Get to know Antoni Arola, the man behind the Palma design, or find out more about the collection!



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A Seamless Blend of Nature and Illumination

Within the world of contemporary lighting, Vibia Palma emerges as a paragon of inventive design and artistic ingenuity. ...

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